In the beginning my basic plan for this blog had been to chatter about our upcoming wedding and all the little bits that went into getting to the big day.  After the wedding Brian and I  sent photos and updates about our adventures in Thailand.  All those photos, stories and links can still be found here.

In 2012, after a long period of unpleasant health issues I discovered that I felt massively better when I stayed away from wheat/gluten.  I have not been diagnosed as Celiac.  I just don’t see the need for a ‘diagnosis.’ I don’t eat wheat/gluten and I feel great, I eat it and I feel sick; headache, stomach problems, joint pain. It’s pretty obvious: Gluten + Me = BAD.  You can read more about my Gluten Free journey here.

During my first year of living Gluten Free it was a real challenge to find products and recipes that tasted good.  So now I like to share Gluten Free recipes that I’ve tried and had success with and GF products that I’d recommend.

My husband and I are doing a lot more traveling these days, which presents new opportunities and challenges.  I’ll be posting more travel stories and Gluten Free Living on the Road tips and tricks…. and hopefully discovering new restaurants and recipes along the way.

This blog, like me, like my life goes through different incarnations…. So today this is a Gluten Free, Yoga Lifestyle, Travel and Photography blog….. Me, my blog, my life…. we’re a Phoenix… burning up in the old and rising again from the ashes… different, stronger and hopefully a little wiser.

I hope you’ll join me on my adventures…

Weird, chaotic and endlessly curious……


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*I live in Florida now and Florida and Amazon are cool with each other…. whew!



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