First Anniversary


Today is our one month anniversary!  It’s been a busy month.  Two weeks in Thailand (photos on Flickr) and then all the catching up on ‘regular’ life back at home.  Our honeymoon was amazing, but I am happy to be back home.  Our everyday lives are interesting enough!

I haven’t gotten started on our wedding scrapbook yet, but I have tons of supplies and my new scrapbook came from Creative Memories just the other day.  If anybody has any photos from the wedding I’d love to have copies! (More wedding photos on Flickr).

Goin’ to the Chapel

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the Cake

We did it!  We are now officially Mr. & Mrs.

We had the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing wedding day ever! (I may be just the tiniest bit biased…. nah!  It WAS perfect!)  Thank you to all of our friends and family.  It was wonderful to be able to share such a special day with all of you.

This is one of the few photos that I have so far… Greg & Skye took theses (Check out our Flickr link for more).  We won’t get the real ones back from the photographers for a few weeks.  We’ll post the info when they are available and you can check them out online.  In the mean time… if anyone would like to share some of the photographs that you took I’d love to have copies!  You can e-mail them or Snail-mail a cd to us (thank you thank you thank you!)

Check back for Thailand photos soon (hopefully I can find wi-fi somewhere)!


Mrs. & Mr. Woerndle

Showers of Affection

Stephanie & Brian

Stephanie & Brian

Saturday Aunt Rosie and Skye hosted an amazing shower for us.  The weather threatened to be rainy and nasty,  but it turned out wonderful!  Everything was decorated with roses and orchids, coconuts, palm leaves and bamboo.  Beautiful!  Check out our photos on Flickr (link on the right).

It was so nice getting to spend and afternoon with friends and family.  Rosie made tons of food and there were so many sweets!  Okay…. opening presents was kinda fun too!

Skye organized a game like the Newlywed Game.  My parents won!  Brian and I also got to choose our favorite decorated gift.  Skye won that one! She had a photo of Boo on a lifeguard stand and there was a Mini on the beach… how could we not choose that one?

~ S

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

  • Something old – represents the bond to the bride’s family and her old life
  • Something new – represents the couple’s new life together and their future hope for happiness, prosperity and success
  • Something borrowed – from a happily married woman is meant to impart similar happiness to the bride
  • Something blue – represents fidelity and constancy

Sure…. these are just old Victorian superstitions… but who wants to take the chance!?

I already have the something “borrowed.”  Skye is lending me her diamond & pearl necklace that I gave her as a gift for her high school graduation (glad I got her a really pretty one!).  And Brian gave me a pair of diamond & pearl earrings that that go with Skye’s necklace (guess I know what Skye’s “borrowed” will be someday!)

I am still not sure about the “old” or the “blue.”

False Eyelashes and Other Hurdles on the Road to Beauty

False eyelashes, could they be that hard? Really? They’re just little strips of lashes that get super-glued to your eyelid. How hard is that? In three easy steps you have amazing, supermodel eyelashes.

Apparently, if the wedding websites are to be believed, I simply must apply these lashes before I even consider taking a photograph. Well, our engagement photograph session is Saturday and I don’t want to ruin the photos with my own, plain, eyelashes… so I bought a set of the fake ones. So not to make any mistakes, I Googled, “false eyelashes + how to apply.” I watched the YouTube videos (they have everything) …. it looked pretty easy to me!

As it turns out, I have this terrible facial flaw that makes it extra hard to apply lashes…. I have a NOSE… and the blessed thing in right in the middle of my face and I can’t seem to get both hands and the adhesive smeared lash over my nose and still see what the heck I am doing! You see… you are supposed to keep one eye closed (the current victim) and the other open and stick this strip of lashes to your own lashes without gluing your eye shut. This turns out to be much harder than the YouTube Girl made it appear. At this moment, I hate that girl.

Bustle Tussle

So I went to pick up my wedding dress last week…. I went by myself, no big deal… it’s just a dress.  How hard could collecting one dress be?  One migraine and two tiny panic attacks later… Oh, and a call to my MIL and some french fries (for the headache… they are like aspirin… eat two handfuls and don’t get on the scale in the morning) I got my dress.

The alterations lady beat me up, attacked my dress with scissors, lost my receipt and just generally freaked me out!  I am never doing wedding stuff alone again.   First of all, she had a major accent… I’m awful with accents… I mis-hear stuff with just a normal Midwestern accent… throw in an Asian accent?  I was so lost.  (I’m gonna be fun in Thailand, huh?)

I tried on the dress, it fit great… and I am even more adorable than I remember (fine, maybe a bit conceited, but I am the Bride…. I get to be that way for a few weeks more… I’ll behave after the wedding, I will… really…). Gosh am I ever sparklie in that dress!  Every time I try it on I love the dress a little more (which may be why Lynn said I should keep it at her house and not because she didn’t want Brian to peek at it.  She might have realized that I’d be wearing it all day long….hhmmmm).

Anyway, fits great, looks great…. I can even probably eat that cupcake if I want too and still fit just fine…. Everything is fine until the alterations lady begins to bustle my dress.  She flips it up, she tugs, gives me a few layers to hold and then jerks! I almost sat on her.  Finally she wanders off muttering something (heck if I know what ) and eventually comes back with needles and more bustle hooks.  When my butt was finally poofy enough she decided that it was crooked.  She disappears and comes back with scissors!  At this point I stopped watching.  I’m not sure what happened for a while after that… she would tug on my dress and I would turn in that direction until she snarled at me.  When it was all over there were little ribbons of my dress all over the floor and at least three more bustle hooks.

Next she tells me that she will draw me a map… a freaking map! detailing how to bustle my dress.  (She was irritated that my head would not turn, in owl fashion, toward the back of my body to watch her hook the bustle.)  The map makes no sense to me, but I nodded and agreed and ran for the dressing room the first chance I got.

Her last comments to me were, “you hang, but down.”  It could have been a threat, but I decided to take it to mean that I should hang my dress… and let the bustle down.  I took it to Lynn’s.  That will keep me from playing with it, though frankly, I am a bit afraid of the bustle now anyway.

If anyone at the wedding has an engerneering degree, let me know…. whe might need your help come wedding day.

Mail Box Stalking

Our first RSVP’s came today!

Yes, I know I only mailed them on Monday so there was really no point in checking that afternoon…. And true, the mail only gets delivered once a day so checking that second time might have been a little silly…. I just love getting mail! (Not bills!) And this is wedding mail!  Could there be any better kind of mail?  Even better when the little “accepts’ boxes have been checked.

The Mail Lady is giving me strange looks.

Hello world!

Ha ha!  Finally!  It took forever to convince WordPress to do what I wanted… but here it is!  Boo & Brian have given up and gone to sleep, but I am wide awake.

Now that I have and easier blog to work with (points for Brian, this is much easier than the way I was doing it before) I can chatter on about wedding and honeymoon stuff.

Oh!  Check out the link on the right, cleverly titled “Photos” to see… photos! At the moment there aren’t any wedding related photos out there yet, but once I get organized you can follow along with all the fun.   In the mean time, you can see our trips to Chicago and Alaska.

~ S