Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

  • Something old – represents the bond to the bride’s family and her old life
  • Something new – represents the couple’s new life together and their future hope for happiness, prosperity and success
  • Something borrowed – from a happily married woman is meant to impart similar happiness to the bride
  • Something blue – represents fidelity and constancy

Sure…. these are just old Victorian superstitions… but who wants to take the chance!?

I already have the something “borrowed.”  Skye is lending me her diamond & pearl necklace that I gave her as a gift for her high school graduation (glad I got her a really pretty one!).  And Brian gave me a pair of diamond & pearl earrings that that go with Skye’s necklace (guess I know what Skye’s “borrowed” will be someday!)

I am still not sure about the “old” or the “blue.”

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