Spring Time… Finally!

Spring Boo


Brian and I had our engagement photos taken last weekend.  I worried that the flowers wouldn’t survive the cold and snow that we’ve had this past week.  Luckly, everything lived and it was even reasonably warm Saturday.  (Truthfuly, anything cooler than 80 isn’t really warm, but I survived.)  Forest Park was beautiful… lots of tulips!  Brian drove the little yellow Mini to Jefferson Barraks and we took a ton of photos with it.  Our photoraphers loved the little yellow baby!  I hope Brian and I actually show up in some of the photos, and we don’t have 200 photos of a smiling yellow Mini!

We didn’t take Boo with us for the photos.  Boo doesn’t like to travel as much as the Mini!

I can’t wait to see our photos!  We had such a great time with our photographers.  Hopefully they’ll be posted soon and we can share them here.

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