Cooper’s Hawk 

Now that we’re in a new house and settling in Mom and I have been venturing out more and more on our own. Okay…we’re just going out looking for food…. but, that counts. Last week we found CostCo all on our own (with a little help from Google Maps). Of course it’s dangerous to go into Costco on an empty tummy… I think my credit card may have a specific policy against it (if it doesn’t, it should!) So I turned to my trusty Find Me Gluten Free app and searched the restaurants nearby.

There was a Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant back in Missouri, but it didn’t get very good reviews for its GF menu so I’d never tried it. The Cooper’s Hawk in Jacksonville got excellent reviews on the FMGF app (and we were 20 minutes from home, so if we got sick….). I switched apps and made reservations on the OpenTable app*. 

*Side Note – Check out the OpenTable app. It’s great to make reservations and read reviews. The best part about using the app that I’ve found is that the restaurants seem to have special reservation times held for OpenTable. (I can’t swear to this, but that’s what it seems like.) I’ve walked into a restaurant and been told that the first opening was 2 hours later, but when I checked the app there was an opening in 15 minutes and I was able to make reservations on the app and walk right in. So… there’s my Tip of the Day! You also earn points for most every reservation that you make (and keep) that can be used to earn rewards such as restaurant gift certificates and Amazon cards. 

Cooper’s Hawk had an extensive, dedicated Gluten Free menu. Everything sounded delicious, but Mom and I had a bunch of shopping still to do so we didn’t want anything heavy. 

They started us off with a bit of gf bread and butter (I think it’s the same buns that they use for the hamburgers) instead of the Pretzel Bread, while we purused the menu. Mom, who never really likes the bread, loved this. It has an ever so slightly sweet flavor and a really great texture. The whipped butter didn’t hurt either! 

We finally decided to share a couple of appetizers and then hoped we’d still have room to try one of the desserts. 

Mexican Drunken Shrimp
– Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Tequila Lime Butter Sauce, Fresh Guacamole 

Thai Lettuce Wraps – Grilled Chicken, Julienne Vegetables, Bibb Lettuce, Cashew Sauce.

The wraps were delicious. Mom wants me to figure out how to make the Cashew Sauce now! 

Lemon Icewine Cheesecake – Macerated Berries

Now that cheesecake… oh, yum!  The only issue that I had during my visit was with dessert.  When the cheesecake arrived at the table it had a lovely graham cracker sprinkle… which could have been gf, but I asked just to be sure. Nope!  The waiter had made a mistake and forgot to enter the dessert as Gluten Free. He was apologetic and replaced the cheesecake with the gf, graham cracker free version right away, but it was a good thing I asked. That would have been an awful way to end an otherwise wonderful meal. 

Since I wanted to try everything else on the menu I waited until the next time we were out and Brian mentioned dinner…. then I insisted that he needed to try Cooper’s Hawk too. 

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Resturant 
4850 Big Island Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32246

Is Customer Service Dead?

I’m cranky and annoyed.  These thoughts have been snarling around in my head for a while and writing helps me to untangle them.  Maybe you can help me?

When was it that the idea of Customer Service died? Is it truly gone, or does it linger, a relic of the past?

It is 8:45 as I write this.  I’m sitting on my back porch with a cup of coffee, listening to the birds.  Which sounds like a nice enough way to spend a morning, but the truth is I am waiting. Waiting again, for a contractor to show up for the appointment that they set. They’re forty-five minutes late and haven’t bothered to call.  I know that they have my phone number because they called me yesterday to set this appointment. They suggested the time and I accepted, thinking that at least it was probably the first appointment and they should be able to make their first appointment.  Silly me.

This is the (fingers crossed) last appointment where I should have to sit and wait… for this incident, at least.  Two weeks ago when I moved into a brand, sparkling, new home there was a plumbing disaster the first night.  One of the drains under the upstairs tub hadn’t been glued.  So when the tub drained the pipe came loose and there was a waterfall in the pantry.  Woo hoo!  (On Easter Sunday, btw.) I’d like to say that the response was swift, or that the apologizes were many, but it wasn’t and they weren’t.  It’s taken two weeks to get the water cleaned up (we did that ourselves), a pipe glued (the plumber was the fastest actually) and the drywall removed, replaced and painted (the painter actually showed up without any paint or primer… good thing we rehab houses for a living and could share our supplies.  At least he had his own paint brushes, ’cause I don’t share my paint brush.) The shelf installer was here and gone in 15 minutes, but somehow installing the light fixture has taken a week and a half.  Don’t ask me, I am baffled too.

9:00 – He’s finally here.  Maybe he was in a different time zone? Forgot to set his clock back after Daylight Savings? Who can guess?!

In between all the fun of waiting for people to show up we’ve been trying to settle into this new location after seven months in the RV.  We’re going to “bling out” this house before we start working on the next rehab project…. new kitchen, new floors, gallons and gallons of new paint.  Obviously, we’re tired and sore…. we may do this for a living, but that doesn’t make it any less physically taxing.  So…. I called up the massage therapist and scheduled a couple of appointments for me and mom.  Yay, right?  (This is one of those big, name brand massages places where they lure you into a membership…) Nope… they called and tried to reschedule me.  AGAIN.  I’ve had this membership for five months and been cancelled or rescheduled four times.  (I’m not the greatest at math and even I can tell you that that’s a lousy average.) I have to admit that I freaked a tiny bit and started insisting that I wanted out of the damn membership right that instant.  After a call back from someone else and some paperwork I’ve been released from my membership.  They said I couldn’t get out of it, but then strangely, they sent me a form specifically for ending a membership early…. soooo… it seems like you can… and there’s even a form for it… sooo.. apparently it does happen. Huh.

Oh wait!  I’m not done yet!  Remember my review of Third Love?  Some of you sweethearts used my referral code and I’ve earned five $15 referral credits.  Thank you! I was going to order a couple new bras, but the shopping cart wouldn’t let me combine any of the codes….. I contacted customer service with some questions…. It’s an on going saga that really deserves it’s own post.  Apparently responding to customers isn’t high on their list of importance.  Suffice to say…. they’re not winning any customer service awards any time soon either.

So who does deserve a customer service award?

Amazon.  I know! I should probably start with the little guys, but honestly, Amazon’s customer service is part of why I’m often more comfortable ordering from them than from the little guy.  (Little guy’s, take note! This is how they’re luring your customers away.) They respond to emails, chats, phone calls and tweets.  They’re wherever you need and they respond quickly, competently and politely.  They almost always begin with “I’m sorry about that.” Not necessarily taking the ‘blame’ but acknowledging that they’re sorry I had an issue.  A general “that sucks, lets see what we can do to make it right.”  They don’t make you jump through hoops for returns and if your delivery is late they extend your Prime membership by a month.  That doesn’t cost them a thing… it actually keeps me in their clutches another month… but it acknowledges that there was an issue, they’re sad about that too… here’s a little something.  That’s all I’m asking for… value and respect my time and money.

The little guys…. my massage therapist back in Missouri (Oh, geeze! I miss her!) the realtor that we worked with in Missouri….. my new hair stylist in Florida…. the sales lady that we bought furniture from in Florida… the sales lady from the builder of the house that I began this post complaining about… These people have customer service nailed… even better than Amazon, actually.  It feels real.  It’s not just a ‘customer service’ response… its how one human should treat another.  Basic respect brought to the business world.  ‘I value and respect your time, money and choice.’  That’s all I’m asking. These people get all five stars because they do go above and beyond…. phone calls or texts to check in, squeezing in an appointment for emergencies… hugs a closings!  (Okay, that may not be for everybody, but you get my point.)

You have a choice where you spend your money and who you choose to recommend…. make it count.  If you love a business, refer the hell out of them.  Give them your business.  Don’t be lured away by a cheaper deal somewhere else…. you get what you pay for and customer service is worth the price.  Make sure that the businesses you chose know it.  Say thank you… with your money, time, referrals and your words.

A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so. ~ Mahatma Gandhi


I Tried Third Love Bras

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook you know that Facebook is sure that it knows what you need to see/read/do/buy better than you do. After being nagged by suggested posts for eons (possibly less, but it did seem like it was eons) I finally gave in and clicked. Yes, yes… Third Love has the bra for everyone. Uh, huh.

What really got my attention was the Try Before You Buy offer.

Try the bra for FREE for 30 days from when you place your order (you can even take the tags off!). Pay up-front for shipping.

If we don’t hear from you within 30 days of placing your order, we’ll know you love your new 24/7 bra and your card will be charged $68.

If you’d like to make a return, just contact us within 30 days of placing your order. Returns and exchanges are free.

If you choose to return within 30 days, your card will never be charged for the price of the bra.

That actually sounded like a pretty great idea… the solution to the problem of buying a bra online…. How will it fit and can I return/exchange it easily? Because, honestly, no two bras ever fit the same from brand to brand or style to style. Sure, just because you’re one size at Victoria’s Secret doesn’t mean the same size will fit you at Soma. I once bought three bras in the same day from both Soma and Victoria’s Secret… and they were all three different sizes! If Third Love would let me try them on and return/exchange them easily… awesome! Even better if I could try one for 30 days and see if it was really as amazing as they claimed.

I was also intrigued by their Fit Finder Quiz. That sounded a LOT better than being groped by a sales lady in the department store.

First you’re supposed to pick your breast shape from nine drawings. (I asked my husband to pick since I’m usually looking down at my chest…. he was nervous about this whole bra game… were these trick questions? Poor hubby.) Next you were asked if you had any fit issues with your usual bras. And then what size is your favorite bra and how old is it…. and what brand.

The Fit Finder said I should try the 24/7 Classic Full Coverage Bra.

Okay, some qualifying info here…. just so you know how my sizing might compare to yours. I’m five feet tall… so my shoulder spacing is shorter than your ‘average’ ladies.  (Shoulder to shoulder and from band to top of shoulder.) I generally wear a 34 D or DD, depending on the bra and brand. (Soma or Victoria’s Secret usually.) I tend to wear medium shirts & dresses.

Okay… back to Third Love. I figured what the hell and decided to give it a shot. I have a drawer full of bras that I hate… what’s one more?

I ordered the recommended 24/7 Classic Full Coverage Bra in a size 34 DD. Sixty-eight dollars seemed a bit pricy… but again… I’ve spent way more on the drawer full of bras that I don’t like…. what if this was ‘the one’? And I was supposed to be able to return/exchange it easy-peasy.

I loved the shoulder straps. The length was adjustable and the strap itself was wider and padded so that they didn’t dig into my shoulder. The band widened as it came around the ribs and up to the cup so there was no spillage at the sides and it didn’t rub under my arms. Everything tapered and widened nicely, not like those ‘granny’ bras that are just wide everywhere. It still felt pretty. And the material was so soft. Buttery soft. I LOVED the bra. Mostly. The band really stretched. I was on the tightest hooks and it was looser than it really should have been. (When you buy a bra it should be on the loosest or middle hooks so that as it stretches with wearing/time you can switch to the tighter hooks and get more life out of it.) I figured that I had time and I’d wear it for a bit and see if I still loved it or if I had any other issues that I’d want to address before trading it for a smaller band size. But…. and this is (somewhat) my fault for not reading the fine print well enough… the returnable-after-wearing bra was the basic 24/7 bra. Not the 24/7 Classic Full Coverage Bra that I’d bought. I think you can see how I missed that… and the ‘try and return’ thing was a big part of their advertising. I was pretty disappointed at that point. I’ve had the bra four months. I like it… but it is defiantly too loose. If you’re planning to order this particular bra I’d recommend ordering a size smaller on the band as it’s very stretchy.

Last month I decided to give Third Love another try after I got an email featuring their new Perfect Contour Plunge bra. This time I knew that I couldn’t wear it and return it, but I could try it on and return it. Easy-Peasy, right?

Well…. sorta. On February 26th I ordered the Perfect Contour Plunge and the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra. I ordered a 34E (which is the same as a DD) in both.

The band on the Plunge was much tighter and didn’t have much stretch to it. I liked it but is was squishing me too much. The band on the T-Shirt Bra was looser than the Plunge but not as loose as the Full Coverage had been. Ugh!

The Plunge does plunge nicely… and the cups are the same soft material as the other bras. The mesh at the top is a bit scratchy, but not horrible and the cups and mesh do seem to be angled magically to keep you stuffed into place comfortably without squishing.

The T-Shirt Bra was nice. The cups are made from the super soft material that I liked so much, but the straps were on the scratchier side. The band doesn’t come up as high under the arms as the Full Coverage Bra and the straps are wider out on my shoulders. It probably wouldn’t be a problem for an average sized person… I just have narrow shoulders.

Both of the new bras were pretty and mostly comfortable…. but both squished me more than I liked. I decided to return both and go up a cup size but keep the same band size.

I went through the return process on the website (easy-peasy) and printed my postage paid return label. Two days after receiving my bras I returned them at the UPS store.

And heard nothing…. no confirmation email… no changes to my account. Nothing. But I did get several emails asking how my return experience had been.

I emailed customer service, both through their website and responding to the customer experience email they sent me.  I emailed several times with no response.

Now, I shop online a lot. A lot. My favorite is probably Amazon, so I’m a bit spoiled by their customer service…. but I also know what is possible. And if Third Love wants to advertise their super easy exchanges they should be able to pull of something closer to Amazon’s customer service. At least the emails….. I’ve returned things to Amazon using their prepaid return label and had a confirmation email within a few hours. These bras aren’t cheap and I shouldn’t be left worrying if I’m going to be billed for something that has disappeared into the postal abyss. I’m just asking for an email. I’m even okay if they want to hold the exchange until they receive the bras and make sure that I didn’t tear them up.

It took 30 days from the time I order the first bras until I received the exchange. I only received a response from customer service after 18 days had passed since I’d mailed them back. Their response was basically “sorry, we’ve been busy.”

When I finally received the new bras they fit perfectaly and I do love them.

Would I order from Third Love again? Yeah…. probably. I DO like the bras, and now that I know what size they’re calling me it should be easier to order.

Would I recommend Third Love to a friend? Again… probably. Especially if they’re a difficult fit.

I would suggest that they not be in any kind of a hurry. And possibly to order a couple of different sizes and then just return the ones they didn’t want as opposed to exchanging them for a different size. That’s more expensive up front, but once refunded comes out to be the same cost… then again, if you’re not in any hurry… the return/exchange thing worked. Just really slow.

If you’ve decided you’d like to give Third Love a try, please use my referral code:

We’ll both save $15 off our orders. (And I’ll try ordering another one of those 24/7 Classic Full Coverage Bras with a smaller band size.) I’d love to hear about your experience with Third Love too!

Mayhem is a huge fan of the Third Love boxes. (I only let her wear the bras that I planned to keep!)

D-Luxe Burger 

Oh! All the wonderful Gluten Free FOOD in Walt Disney World!!  

Thank heavens for all the walking we have to do around the parks or I wouldn’t be able to waddle back to the hotel at night!

During our most recent trip to Disney Springs (what used to be know as Downtown Disney) Brian was hungry (as usual).  I’d read good reviews from the Disney bloggers that I follow so we decided to give D-Luxe Burger a try. 

The burger was good. Nothing amazing, but better than a regular quick-service burger. The bun was dry… so so dry. The fries were good though and all the fry dips were Gluten Free. 

Our meal was delivered to our table in a paper to-go bag. I assume that’s how they differentiate Allergy meals from regular meals which are served on plastic trays. 

Not my most favorite meal in the world of Disney, but it was a good enough burger and we appreciated the differentiation between our meal’s (paper bag) and the non-allergy friendly meals’ (plastic tray) delivery. 

The staff was kind and knowledgeable… of course we got the poor gal that was being trained that day… nothing like being a learning experience! Her trainer was with her though and explained how to enter allergy orders and then called the chef upfront who confirmed that we just had the one allergy. 

They’ve added a lot of new shops and restaurants to Disney Springs since our last visit (a year and a half?). D-Luxe Burger is located in the new section and is situated next to one of the ‘river’ areas. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the pretty view with our French fries. 

Definitely worth a visit. 

Le Cellier Steakhouse

Brian finally managed to get lunch reservation to Le Cellier Steakhouse…. and I was so excited… until I woke up with a raging headache.

The nice thing about living near Disney and having Annual Passes is that it’s not like I’m ‘wasting’ a vacation day if I can’t get going…. but I really, really wanted to try Le Cellier and it’s not the easiest place to get reservations.

I took hot shower, aspirin and chugged a bunch of water….. then I moped around the hotel room and whined for an hour or two. Brian made me eat a banana and drink coffee… which because that cured my headache once, he assumes it should work every time.

I finally felt well enough to venture out… and I figured if the headache did finally kill me maybe the ghosts at the Haunted Mansion would take me in. You know there’s 999 ghost in the Haunted Mansion…. but there’s room for 1000!

Epcot was celebrating their International Flower & Garden Festival… which is GORGEOUS!!! They had a bazillion flowers and topiaries everywhere…. and food vendors. I love the food vendors at the Epcot festivals. The signs are clearly labeled with Gluten Free, vegan and vegetarian options. Most of the booths had at least one GF option. Since I was still whiny about my headache Brian stopped at every booth with a GF offering and made (oh, the torture!) me eat. And drink a bottle of water. I have a bad habit of getting my meals out of wack when I have a headache…. or letting myself get dehydrated…. so Brian just keeps shoving food and water at me until I stop whining.

I ate the scallops too fast to take a picture and Brian wouldn’t let me get another order even though I told him it was for the sake of the blog.

I did manage to restrain myself long enough to take a photo of the Raspberry & Chocolate Creme Macaron though.

We wandered around a enjoyed the topiaries until it was time for our lunch reservation.

Le Cellier Steakhouse is super hard to get a dinner reservation and only slightly easier to get a lunch reservation. It is one of Disney’s Signature Dining Experiences. (If you are on the Disney Dining Plan it will cost you two dining credits.) We’ve been wanting to try it for a while, but just haven’t gotten the chance. By the time we made it to our reservation my headache had mostly faded, but going from the lovely warmth outside to the air conditioned cool indoors made it flare up again. I felt guilty as I poked at my rather expensive chicken.

Poulet RougeAndouille-stuffed Chicken Roulade, Autumn Hash, Acorn Squash Purée, and Ginger-spiced Cranberry Glaze

Brian ordered the Rib-Eye.

Black Angus Rib-EyeCrisp Fingerling Potatoes, Neuske’s Bacon Vinaigrette, Heirloom Carrots, Maple Bordelaise Butter

I didn’t get a photo of the Rib-Eye, but I did manage to steal and eat about half of it…. The chicken was good, but headache-tummy likes steak better. (I don’t understand it either… don’t even try.)

The food was fabulous… even with a headache I recognized that the food was delicious. The restaurant itself was beautiful. Dark and rich looking with gleaming wood and soft lighting. I really wish I’d been feeling better and could have tried more of the menu. My headache just really hated the air conditioning so we didn’t get to stay long. Once back outside I started to feel better. (I’m such a weirdo.)

Le Cellier is defiantly on my list of Must Visit Again places. I’ll try not to have a headache next time!

Breakfast in Disney World 

I love pretty everything about Walt Disney World. Dole Whips, Mouse Ears, Character Encounters, rides….. and the FOOD. Oh, the food. For a Gluten Free girl Disney World is absolute heaven. First of all, they actually have Gluten Free food…. and it’s GOOD. Even better… they have Gluten Free food available everywhere and the don’t treat you like a freak or punish you for asking for it. Disney is magical for anyone with food allergies. To be able to eat delicious, safe food and be treated like a normal human all in the same experience…. it’s just magical! 

Now that we’re Florida residents and Annual Passholders, Brian and I have been trying to work our way through a wider variety of the Disney restaurants. (It’s a real burden guys, but I’m doing it for y’all and the sake of the blog. 😉) 

I LOVE breakfast… but not first thing in the morning.. too early. I’m more of a brunch kinda girl. Which works perfect in Disney! 

Boma – Flavors of Africa, located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge has quickly become one of my favorite places for breakfast. It’s a buffet, which would normally mean certain death for someone with a gluten allergy (cross contamination central!), but not in Disney. 

Disney doesn’t unnecessarily add flour or gluten containing ingredients to things. (I don’t have a dairy or nut allergy, but I’ve seen other people who do at the buffet and there seems to be a great variety for them too.) Did you know that a lot of buffets add pancake batter to the scrambled eggs to make them fluffier?  Yeah… wtf?! Not at Disney! Food just has ingredients that belong.

At Boma we told our waitress that we both had a gluten allergy. The chef came out and walked us around the buffet. He knew each item and the ingredients. The oatmeal is made with certified gf oats and water so it’s safe for GF and milk allergies. 

The chef made us a special batch of Allergy Friendly Mickey Waffles and brought us a plate of gf donuts (Katz brand). 

Be sure to try the Jamba Juice at Boma! Guava, pineapple and orange juices… yum. 

We also had breakfast at the Grand Floridian Cafe. I ordered the Allergy Friendly Mickey Waffles (of course) and Brian tried to order the Allergy Friendly pancakes, but the waitress misheard and brought him waffles too. 

As it turns out, the were celebratory waffles…  Just as we were pouring our maple syrup Brian got the phone call that we’d received an offer on the house that we’d just finished rehabbing. Woo hoo! Under contract in 24 hours! 

The waffles were delicious. Crisp on the outside and fluffy perfection on the inside. 

Not every restaurant gets the Mickey Waffles right. I’ve had them a few times where they are too crisp on the outside and still gummy on the inside. I think the Allergy Friendly batter needs to be cooked a bit longer and at a lower temp to get them just right. Dont feel bad about sending them back if they’re not right. Disney won’t know what’s working and what’s not if we don’t speak up. 

On our last morning we had breakfast at Hollywood & Vine in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

It was a character dining experience, but I didn’t know any of the characters. It was also a buffet…. but it was nothing like the buffet at Boma. 

The buffet was very basic… and not especially tasty in my opinion. 

The eggs and potatoes were especially salty. 

And the Allergy Friendly Mickey Waffles were gummy on the inside. 

The did give us an Allergy Guide…. which was a nice idea… even though it was fairly limited/boring. 

Boma is still my favorite Disney breakfast. If you have the opportunity to try only one… visit Boma. The food, flavors, atmosphere and staff are all amazing. 

Flava Moose

I posted something on Instagram a while back… I don’t remember what, but I do post a lot of food pics (food, Jamberry, seashells and my Pomeranian!) and I received a notification that Flava Moose liked my photo.

Flava Moose?  Oh, I had to see who was this Flava Moose.

Flava Moose is just the yummiest, most overwhelming and awesome ice cream shop in the universe!  (And I’ve made it my mission to check them all out!) Flava Moose may just be my favorite though.

Why?  Well, to start with, the combinations are endless!  IMG_3814.jpg

You begin by choosing a size… a Small is still three scoops…. just sayin’….

Then you choose whether you want Ice Cream, Gelato or Ice.

Next you you have to pick a Milk…. Soy, Cashew, Almond, Coconut, 2% Lactade, Whole or Greek Yogurt. (I’d vote for whole milk, but if you have a dairy issue, they’ve got you covered!)

Nope, not done yet…. What kind of sugar do you want to use?  Splenda, Honey, Regular Sugar, Maple Sugar or Stevia?

How about a waffle bowl?  Or would you like you ice cream in a crepe?  They’re made fresh as you watch.

(I was talking with the Flava Moose man during my last visit and I’d mentioned that I was img_3816Gluten Free so I couldn’t have the waffle bowl….the delicious smell was torture! and he said that they’d been considering adding GF waffles and crepes.  Eeeeep! Of course I squealed and promised that I’d come in and taste test for them! One in each flavor should do it, right?)

No no, we’re not done… I got side-tracked with the whole GF waffle bowl thing….. NOW…. pick a flavor.  Your brain may just possibly explode from the sheer possibilities of deliciousness.





Brian chooses chocolate every time.  He says he’s a purist.  (whatever)  Mom is working her way through the fruit flavors and I’m bouncing around the menu.  Blackberry & Raspberry was delicious!  So was Lavender & Raspberry….. (I’m on a raspberry kick lately.) I’m thinking I want to try the chai next time… or maybe the rose?  There are also veggie flavors to choose from.. carrot, broccoli, aloe, corn…. I’m not sure about those…. they sound too healthy.



Okay, but that’s just the ingredients… now lets talk about how it’s made!  Each order is made individually… that’s how you can have so many combinations.  They first blend the base flavor and the milk then the concoction is poured over a -40° pan.  Using two scraper/spatulas they scrape and smooth and blend the ice cream mixture until it is just the smoothest, creamiest and dreamiest.img_3812

Of course you can add toppings and sauces, but I don’t usually choose to add any. I think I heard that there were over 18 different toppings.

It’s not a super fast process, but it is fun to watch.  We took our out-of-town-friends to try Flava Moose last week.  It was our last stop on the two-day “See Where We Live Now” tour and we were all getting kind of tired from running around.  It was nice to stop and let the ice cream be the entertainment for a bit.  The Flava Moose crew mixed our ice creams and chatted with us as one at a time we each received our chosen creations.  We’d all grab a spoon and sample each other’s and oooh and ahh.  Then the next ice cream mix was being drizzled on the -40° pan and the scraping, smearing and squooshing show would begin again.  It would probably make a great first date stop.  The shop is only two blocks from the beach… after you got your ice cream you could walk to the beach to eat it…. yeah… ice cream and a walk on the beach… totally romantic!  (Yes, my idea of romance does include ice cream…. duh.)

Every time you leave the Flava Moose crew hollers “Bye, see you tomorrow!” and I think ‘thank, goodness I don’t live closer or, yeah… I would back tomorrow.  Blast you, Moosie!’


311 North 3rd Street
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250