Travel Treasures Gift Basket

BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY AND MINI PARTNER FOR THE DRIVE TO SAVE THEM ALL. MINI owners are hitting the road to raise awareness for Best Friends Animal Society. Join us as we rally to raise critical, lifesaving funds for animals across the country.’

We’re raising funds to support Best Friends Animal Society – Just Giving Donation Page

As a thank you from us (Winnie, Pooka, Stephanie & Brian) for donating to Best Friends Animal Society with our team you’ll be entered to win our Travel Treasures gift basket! (Which is basically stuff that Stephanie thought looked cool at the various stops along our route.)
Send us an email at CubedHomes@gmail.comand include:

  • Screenshot your ‘thanks for donating’ page or the Thank You email you get from Just Giving. Just something that shows that you made a donation. I don’t need to know the amount or any of that.
  • Your mailing address
  • That’s it! We’ll draw a winner when we get home 😁

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