it could’ve been worse

It could have been worse…. Could have been a lot better too. (Just sayin’)

We’re on our way back to Missouri… Do I say ‘home’ still?  It is technically home…. not for much longer though….

At any rate, were on our way back from a week in Florida. We tossed Mom, Boo and all the cats into the new RV and headed to our future home in Florida. The plan was to test out the RV… See if we could all survive in it… Shake loose any bugs before our warranty expired and see what we though we’d need to add before we tried doing this full time. 

We found some bugs (figuratively), blew some fuses and terrorized the cats. Boo could have cared less… she’s an expert traveler…. we could all learn from Boo. 

The first night one of the cats pooped in our bed… while we were in it.  We discovered one of the nice things about staying at an RV Park is they have laundry facilities. (Some do anyway, and that’s an amenity we now know to look for!) Three loads of laundry later all was well again and the cats been fine ever since (fingers crossed.) Three cats have been super chill about the whole thing… Two have stayed hidden under furniture while we’re moving (which I put in the ‘good enough’ category) and one has been a complete psycho-shit. She and I have had a few conversations…. It’s not going well for either of us.  (Yes, I have conversations with the cat. Don’t look at me like that… You know you do it too). 

We got a Low Coolant light on the first day too, but fortunately we found a truck stop service station that helped us refill the coolant and that seems to have stayed fixed as well. 

The refrigerator seems to have died, so we lost everything in the fridge and had to eat out more than we’d planned, but we survived. We found a cool little pet store near our future home and bought Boo some kibbles since her preferred cold food didn’t survive the loss of the fridge. She got an extra bag of treats, so she was cool with the whole ordeal. 

On our last night Mom and I discovered that you can’t brew a pot of coffee and blow dry your hair at the same time… Not without blowing fuses. We tried flipping breakers and resetting GFI’s but the electrical outlets weren’t coming back. (I even broke down and started reading the manuals.) 

We’ve got an appointment with our RV dealer when we get home and hopefully they can get everything fixed and show us how to fix it ourselves in the future.  

Aside from an RV Life trial run, we were supposed to be doing our Design Meetings for the new house. We had two days of meeting with all the people who are handling the different aspects of the house. I went in expecting it to be a bit overwhelming… Lots of choices and decisions and important questions, but exciting too.  Right?  

I dunno… We’ve got some issues that need to be worked out. I’m not… happy. I still love the area, I still love the community… I dunno….  (I know, I know… I’m the blogger here, I’m supposed to be more eloquent and open, but right now I’m just disappointed and not feeling up to it…) We talked to our FL Real Estate agent and she’s working on solutions… so hopefully it’ll all work out. 

After a semi-crappy trip punctuated with just enough awesome moments to keep me from hurling myself into the ocean and saying to hell with it all (teeny bit dramatic, maybe?) we decide to pack up a day early and go home. 

So we’ve got the RV ready for the road, got everything stowed, cats accounted for, Boo comfy… ready to pull out of the park…. And our home security system texts us. Smoke Alarm. Then our phones start ringing. The smoke alarm is going off and they’ve dispatched the fire department. Really?!  Really?!  

Spoiler: NO FIRE

Fortunately, my uncle lives nearby and he was able to get to our house and let the fire department in. After a thorough search of the house they found a faulty smoke detector. Thank God!!  I’ve never been so thankful for a faulty piece of equipment. (Okay, it would have been better if it hadn’t been faulty at all, but I’m so much happier that that was all it was.). 

I’d texted our MO Real Estate agent and told her we’d gotten the alarm and she and her daughter blasted off to see what was happening. She called to tell me that she was on her way and I’m bawling on the phone and she’s trying to reassure me…. It was awful. (I adore that gal so much. I’m planning to pack her and her daughter up and take them with me to FL. Don’t tell her…. I’m going to lure her into the RV with Starbucks… It’ll work.) 

After what seemed like forever, but was probably a total of 25 minutes (from first text to last phone call) we heard from the alarm company, the fire department, my uncle and our agent that everything was fine. The alarm was just on the fritz and the house was secure and definitely not on fire. 

It seemed stupid to keep crying at that point, but… well, I was on a roll. 

I am utterly and completely emotionally DONE

I am thankful to the fire department for their rapid response…to not need to do a damn thing… I wish all of their calls went so well. 

And I’m thankful to our real estate agents who both spent a lot of time today telling me that our houses would be okay.

Maybe this was the Universe’s way of telling me ‘It’s just a house… everything that is actually important is right here with you.’  I wish the Universe would just send me inspirational quotes on Facebook instead of big/scary object lessons. Hey, Universe!  I’m not that emotionally stable!  Please tone it down!  

It all could have been so much worse. Then again, it could have been better too. 


It’s been a strange week for us. Our house is under contract and set to close by the end of the month. (Yay!) Which wonderful…. but that also means we have to pack all of our crap up and get out. (Sniff)

Since our new Florida house isn’t going to be finished for at least six months we’re going to stay at my Mom’s house until her house sells and then live and travel in the RV until the FL house is ready. Sooooo… What do I pack?  We’re moving to Florida… Most of my winter stuff can go. But we’re also going to be traveling through the winter in the RV…. And what stuff do I want to move to FL? 

I posted a bunch of furniture and stuff that I didn’t want to pitch/hated to donate on Facebook and invited my friends to come visit and take what they wanted. I should have been giving away free stuff all along! It was great to see so many friends who were happy and excited for us. It was also really nice knowing that some of the things that we were giving away were going to friends who would enjoy them. I’ve got nothing against donating stuff to organizations, but some stuff has so much sentimental value attached. It’s not about what it cost to buy… but what it costs to let go. 

One of my favorite cousins took my dining room table and I am so happy that she got it. It was the first piece of furniture that I ever bought and I hosted 16 years of holidays and family dinners at that table. It also has all the scratches and heat marks to show for it… Our cousin is crafty and clever and she’ll sand it down and make it beautiful again. She’s also got a couple of kiddos that will get to enjoy family dinners at it now. Happy/Sad. 

I almost balked when Brian sold a couple of his cars…. Wierd, right? I tear up at the cars. Again… They just don’t fit into our new Florida life.  (Literally… Don’t fit…. I can’t get a garage big enough for six cars and the new golf cart that I want.) 

I’m excited…. but a little sad. It’s all a huge change, but it’s a good change… It’s just the getting there that is freaky/sad/nauseating/awesome. 

We’re headed to Florida for our Design Review. We get to pick out our colors and make changes and choices for the new house. Mom is going with us this time and I’m excited to show her our new neighborhood. (She hasn’t seen anything yet!  She just said she trusted us and to go for it… Which is either super sweet or totally bat-shit crazy…. I’m not sure.) We decide that the cats needed to get used to the RV so we’re taking them too. (Yep, it’s just as awesome as it sounds.) Boo is a trooper… She’s up for anything. (She’s a lot like her Gamma.) 

Keep up with us on Facebook for updates on Six Cats in an RV! 

Under Contract

Our house is under contract!

We have the awesomest (yes, that’s a real word) Real Estate Agent in the world!  Sheri, our agent in Missouri who handles all of our flip houses and is now selling our own houses…. did an amazing marketing job with our home.  We were under contract in less than 24 hours.

Can I just say how much I love Sheri? I adore this gal.  She’s been a friend for years and then helped us to navigate buying, flipping and selling houses and now… even though she says she doesn’t want us to leave… she knows how excited we are to begin our next adventure… she’s doing everything she can to help us move on.  That’s a true friend.

We’ve got to go through inspections and walk-throughs and all sorts of other hoops…. we could still fall out of contract… but, fingers crossed, our home will have a new owner to love it soon.

Its weird to walk around my home and know that soon it will belong to someone else.  It’s bittersweet.  I’ve loved my home and the time we’ve spent here… but I’m ready for our next adventure… and I’m excited for our buyer… they’re going to be happy here.

Now we just have to get Mom’s house sold…. and once Mom’s house is sold…. well our Florida house won’t be done for months…. so…. we gotta live somewhere….


Yeah…. we bought an RV.

Me, Mom, Brian, Boo and our six cats…. yes, SIX!… are going to live in this RV and travel the country before finally settling in Florida.

It’s crazy!  It’s absolutely insane…. but kinda cool too.  Right?!  How often do you get the chance to travel the country with your favorite Pomeranian and humans?  (and a bunch of cats.)

As has been the theme lately… we hadn’t planned to buy an RV that day.  We just wanted to start looking and get some ideas… but the perfect RV was just sitting there waiting for us.


We started our hunt at Byerly RV.  We’d rented a small RV from them back in March to take our National Park trip.  They’d been really great about getting us educated, organized and out on the road.  And when we had a problem with our generator (on Easter Sunday), Mike from the service department answered his personal cellphone and tried to talk us through the problem.  Turned out that the generator was dead, but Byerly was apologetic and great about adjusting our bill when we got home.

Dave listened to our wish list (Brian wanted a diesel pusher… less than 40 feet… used…) and said I’ve got just the thing.  Mom and I both swear we heard him say “it’s Fate,” but apparently he was saying its a Phaeton.  I think Mom and I heard him right though… it really was fate.  It had everything that Brian had said he wanted.  I’d been hoping for something that needed a bit more updating on the interior…. I’ve got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to RV renovations…. but much to my dismay… this RV was in great shape.

We just couldn’t pass this RV up.   So we bought an RV… and we’re gonna travel the country for a few months…. yeah… it just gets weirder and weirder…. more awesome!



MTTS2016-Day 4 & 5

I wasn’t thinking this through completely when I started naming days…. 

I’m gonna call this one The Day of Waves…. Catching Waves, Riding Waves, Making  Waves, Waves of Nausea and Waves of Euphoria. 

Catching waves is pretty damn obvious…. 

Okay, reader survey here: When one player is a FOOT taller than the other, shouldn’t the shorter player get to choose where they stand in the water?  

Brian kept luring me further and further out into the water (Shark Week is over, right?). It was fine as long as there were those big rolling waves that we could just ride along on…. But then the waves started breaking just as they got to us I kept getting the Sinus Cleansing Treatment! They just hit Brian mid-back.  Not fair. Though my sinuses are quite clear today…..

To explain the other waves….. 

Brian and I finally took major action on a new adventure we’ve been day dreaming about for a while……

See Posh there in the photo? She’s sitting outside our future front door!  

Yes, my friends, you heard me right…. We have suffered through our last Missouri winter. Me, Brian, Momma, Boo and a small heard of cats and cars are migrating to the warmer climes of Florida!  

Brian and I spent the last couple of days scoping out the area and checking out houses with our Florida Realtor friend, Mary. Yesterday we found a neighborhood and a builder that we just love…. 

Hello, Florida!  We’re home! 🌴💕🌴💕