It’s been a strange week for us. Our house is under contract and set to close by the end of the month. (Yay!) Which wonderful…. but that also means we have to pack all of our crap up and get out. (Sniff)

Since our new Florida house isn’t going to be finished for at least six months we’re going to stay at my Mom’s house until her house sells and then live and travel in the RV until the FL house is ready. Sooooo… What do I pack?  We’re moving to Florida… Most of my winter stuff can go. But we’re also going to be traveling through the winter in the RV…. And what stuff do I want to move to FL? 

I posted a bunch of furniture and stuff that I didn’t want to pitch/hated to donate on Facebook and invited my friends to come visit and take what they wanted. I should have been giving away free stuff all along! It was great to see so many friends who were happy and excited for us. It was also really nice knowing that some of the things that we were giving away were going to friends who would enjoy them. I’ve got nothing against donating stuff to organizations, but some stuff has so much sentimental value attached. It’s not about what it cost to buy… but what it costs to let go. 

One of my favorite cousins took my dining room table and I am so happy that she got it. It was the first piece of furniture that I ever bought and I hosted 16 years of holidays and family dinners at that table. It also has all the scratches and heat marks to show for it… Our cousin is crafty and clever and she’ll sand it down and make it beautiful again. She’s also got a couple of kiddos that will get to enjoy family dinners at it now. Happy/Sad. 

I almost balked when Brian sold a couple of his cars…. Wierd, right? I tear up at the cars. Again… They just don’t fit into our new Florida life.  (Literally… Don’t fit…. I can’t get a garage big enough for six cars and the new golf cart that I want.) 

I’m excited…. but a little sad. It’s all a huge change, but it’s a good change… It’s just the getting there that is freaky/sad/nauseating/awesome. 

We’re headed to Florida for our Design Review. We get to pick out our colors and make changes and choices for the new house. Mom is going with us this time and I’m excited to show her our new neighborhood. (She hasn’t seen anything yet!  She just said she trusted us and to go for it… Which is either super sweet or totally bat-shit crazy…. I’m not sure.) We decide that the cats needed to get used to the RV so we’re taking them too. (Yep, it’s just as awesome as it sounds.) Boo is a trooper… She’s up for anything. (She’s a lot like her Gamma.) 

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