RV Living – Training Session


Friday we went to pick up our new RV at Byerly RV.  We actually found it last week, but since it was used Byerly RV wanted to go over everything and make sure it was ready for us to actually LIVE in.

Initially Brian and I had been looking at RV’s on Craigslist… I kinda had my heart set on an older RV that needed a bit of renovating.  I even had a Pinterest board with tons of great ideas.  We started our RV hunt at Byerly RV because we’d rented an RV from them back in March and they’d been really great.

When I told Dave, our sales guy, that I wanted to renovate an RV…. well, he just kept shaking his head at me.  He was great about listening to what we wanted… okay… what Brian wanted… I wanted to use all my Pinterest ideas!… but…. well, now that I’ve gotten to ride in the new RV… Dave may have been right after all.

I’m really glad that we went with a real dealership instead of just buying something off of Craigslist.  There are so many things that go into making an RV work… having seen the care and enthusiasm that Byerly put into making sure everything was right makes me feel so much more reassured about traveling and living in this thing.  (Dammit, Brian was right again!)

We plan to sell the RV after we move into our Florida house, so we’ll probably only have it for 6-9 month.  Dave said that Byerly wanted to make sure we had a great experience (and they knew that I was a blogger… shhh… don’t tell em that I’m not famous… yet.) so they gave us a One Year Service Warranty to give us a bit more piece of mind and protection on the road.  (Woo hoo!  Sponsorship!)

Dave, told us to expect to spend a few hours going over everything when we picked up the RV. I figured that most of our time would be spent signing paperwork and then they’d give us a brief rundown, let us ask questions and send us on our way.  Nope… we were there for HOURS going over EVERYTHING.  It was amazing.


Brandon was great.  He started at one end of the RV and went practically inch by inch over the RV.   Best of all, in my opinion, Brandon actually made sure that I was following along and seemed to be understanding too.  That doesn’t happen a lot… usually guys turn to Brain and act like there’s no way I’d ever be involved in the dirty, grimy mechanical stuff.  Ha!  Brian is always sending me into something disgusting!  I have little hands and I can jam my arm into car engines and reach the difficult places.  Brandon was great about answering all of our questions… so patiently.

After our RV 101 session with Brandon we were handed over to Mike who explained how to hook up the tow-dolly.  Brian and I are pretty used to getting the Track MINI on and off the trailer, but this was different enough that I’m really glad that Mike helped us practice.

Everyone that we worked with was great about taking their time going over everything and making sure we understood before moving on.  No one was in a rush to move us on… it was really nice.

Once we were all hooked up Mike had us make a couple of laps around the RV lot and then showed us how much the tie-downs on the car would loosen up initially.  We re -tightened the straps and then headed around the building again to take our “Family Photo” in front of the Byerly sign.   We might be famous….keep an eye on future Byerly calendars for us! We’ll autograph!

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

On our way home we discovered that we are really tall now… and the trees at Mom’s house are really low.  I got to check out the top of the RV and trim a few trees before we got down the driveway.

Now the RV is just hanging out and waiting for us to make our first trial run to Florida in a few weeks.  I really want to decorate it, but Brian is trying to restrain me.  I already bought new sheets for the beds and I got new pretty comforters from IKEA last week when I bought a whole shopping cart of “Mystery Fabric.”  Don’t worry…. I’ll sneak more decorative stuff in before we take off!



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