Not a fan of Frank

I don’t like Frank Lloyd Wright.  Don’t tell Brian, okay?  I just cannot stand the man…. and I’m not entirely sure why…. No, no…. I know why I wouldn’t like to be friends with him… He sounds like an overbearing ass.  Three wives, at least one long term mistress… pushy, and arrogant…. and his stupid houses leaked!


So, sure…. We wouldn’t have been pals.  But he’s dead… so It’s not like we were gonna hang out anyway…. So why do I want to punch this guy in the face every time we walk into one of his houses?  Maybe it has something to do with the way people talk about him.  The guides at the FLW houses sound like cult members…. they’re all gleeful and awed and speak in hushed tone that should be reserved for the tombs of pharaohs…  Okay, so I want to punch them too….. I don’t know why this guy provokes me so much! Brian keeps trying to remind me that what he was doing was so impressive and unique for the time period.  It’s not the architecture so much…. I think it’s just the man himself that makes me angry, but I’m not sure why…… why it matters…. why he bothers me so much…. Maybe he really pissed me off in a past life and I’m still holding a grudge?  Geeze, Stephanie!  Let it go, huh?

Brian and I visited another one of the Frank Lloyd Wright houses during our Fall Colors Tour of Wisconsin.  Since FLW houses are not pup friendly (or kid friendly… hell, even people friendly!) and the house was two hours away from where we were staying, we left Mom and Boo at the RV and Brian and I went to visit Taliesin on our own.


While I’m not a huge fan of FLW’s architecture, I do like certain elements of his designs.  I like what he did with windows, especially at the Taliesin house.  I loved the huge windows and the little wooden details that he would add to the corners.  I like the mix of stone and glass.  I like his taste in art too. Taliesin was filled with art works that he brought back from Japan.  And FLW thought that you should ‘live’ with the art, not hide it behind glass. So there are numerous sculptures scattered throughout the house and gardens.


Apparently I also like FLW’s gardening style.  Brian took a bunch of pictures of the house… I maybe took one or two, but mostly because I knew I was going to blog about our visit and figured I needed a photo of the place.  When I went back through my photos I apparently just took photos of the gardens.  (Oh! Oh!!! That’s another thing!  Some of the FLW houses they won’t let you take photos inside the house… Why!?)


Of the FLW houses that we have seen, and admittedly, it’s only been three so far.. I liked Taliesen the best.  This house felt far more ‘livable’ and inviting…. and I just adored the gardens.

RV Living – Training Session


Friday we went to pick up our new RV at Byerly RV.  We actually found it last week, but since it was used Byerly RV wanted to go over everything and make sure it was ready for us to actually LIVE in.

Initially Brian and I had been looking at RV’s on Craigslist… I kinda had my heart set on an older RV that needed a bit of renovating.  I even had a Pinterest board with tons of great ideas.  We started our RV hunt at Byerly RV because we’d rented an RV from them back in March and they’d been really great.

When I told Dave, our sales guy, that I wanted to renovate an RV…. well, he just kept shaking his head at me.  He was great about listening to what we wanted… okay… what Brian wanted… I wanted to use all my Pinterest ideas!… but…. well, now that I’ve gotten to ride in the new RV… Dave may have been right after all.

I’m really glad that we went with a real dealership instead of just buying something off of Craigslist.  There are so many things that go into making an RV work… having seen the care and enthusiasm that Byerly put into making sure everything was right makes me feel so much more reassured about traveling and living in this thing.  (Dammit, Brian was right again!)

We plan to sell the RV after we move into our Florida house, so we’ll probably only have it for 6-9 month.  Dave said that Byerly wanted to make sure we had a great experience (and they knew that I was a blogger… shhh… don’t tell em that I’m not famous… yet.) so they gave us a One Year Service Warranty to give us a bit more piece of mind and protection on the road.  (Woo hoo!  Sponsorship!)

Dave, told us to expect to spend a few hours going over everything when we picked up the RV. I figured that most of our time would be spent signing paperwork and then they’d give us a brief rundown, let us ask questions and send us on our way.  Nope… we were there for HOURS going over EVERYTHING.  It was amazing.


Brandon was great.  He started at one end of the RV and went practically inch by inch over the RV.   Best of all, in my opinion, Brandon actually made sure that I was following along and seemed to be understanding too.  That doesn’t happen a lot… usually guys turn to Brain and act like there’s no way I’d ever be involved in the dirty, grimy mechanical stuff.  Ha!  Brian is always sending me into something disgusting!  I have little hands and I can jam my arm into car engines and reach the difficult places.  Brandon was great about answering all of our questions… so patiently.

After our RV 101 session with Brandon we were handed over to Mike who explained how to hook up the tow-dolly.  Brian and I are pretty used to getting the Track MINI on and off the trailer, but this was different enough that I’m really glad that Mike helped us practice.

Everyone that we worked with was great about taking their time going over everything and making sure we understood before moving on.  No one was in a rush to move us on… it was really nice.

Once we were all hooked up Mike had us make a couple of laps around the RV lot and then showed us how much the tie-downs on the car would loosen up initially.  We re -tightened the straps and then headed around the building again to take our “Family Photo” in front of the Byerly sign.   We might be famous….keep an eye on future Byerly calendars for us! We’ll autograph!

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

On our way home we discovered that we are really tall now… and the trees at Mom’s house are really low.  I got to check out the top of the RV and trim a few trees before we got down the driveway.

Now the RV is just hanging out and waiting for us to make our first trial run to Florida in a few weeks.  I really want to decorate it, but Brian is trying to restrain me.  I already bought new sheets for the beds and I got new pretty comforters from IKEA last week when I bought a whole shopping cart of “Mystery Fabric.”  Don’t worry…. I’ll sneak more decorative stuff in before we take off!



Under Contract

Our house is under contract!

We have the awesomest (yes, that’s a real word) Real Estate Agent in the world!  Sheri, our agent in Missouri who handles all of our flip houses and is now selling our own houses…. did an amazing marketing job with our home.  We were under contract in less than 24 hours.

Can I just say how much I love Sheri? I adore this gal.  She’s been a friend for years and then helped us to navigate buying, flipping and selling houses and now… even though she says she doesn’t want us to leave… she knows how excited we are to begin our next adventure… she’s doing everything she can to help us move on.  That’s a true friend.

We’ve got to go through inspections and walk-throughs and all sorts of other hoops…. we could still fall out of contract… but, fingers crossed, our home will have a new owner to love it soon.

Its weird to walk around my home and know that soon it will belong to someone else.  It’s bittersweet.  I’ve loved my home and the time we’ve spent here… but I’m ready for our next adventure… and I’m excited for our buyer… they’re going to be happy here.

Now we just have to get Mom’s house sold…. and once Mom’s house is sold…. well our Florida house won’t be done for months…. so…. we gotta live somewhere….


Yeah…. we bought an RV.

Me, Mom, Brian, Boo and our six cats…. yes, SIX!… are going to live in this RV and travel the country before finally settling in Florida.

It’s crazy!  It’s absolutely insane…. but kinda cool too.  Right?!  How often do you get the chance to travel the country with your favorite Pomeranian and humans?  (and a bunch of cats.)

As has been the theme lately… we hadn’t planned to buy an RV that day.  We just wanted to start looking and get some ideas… but the perfect RV was just sitting there waiting for us.


We started our hunt at Byerly RV.  We’d rented a small RV from them back in March to take our National Park trip.  They’d been really great about getting us educated, organized and out on the road.  And when we had a problem with our generator (on Easter Sunday), Mike from the service department answered his personal cellphone and tried to talk us through the problem.  Turned out that the generator was dead, but Byerly was apologetic and great about adjusting our bill when we got home.

Dave listened to our wish list (Brian wanted a diesel pusher… less than 40 feet… used…) and said I’ve got just the thing.  Mom and I both swear we heard him say “it’s Fate,” but apparently he was saying its a Phaeton.  I think Mom and I heard him right though… it really was fate.  It had everything that Brian had said he wanted.  I’d been hoping for something that needed a bit more updating on the interior…. I’ve got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to RV renovations…. but much to my dismay… this RV was in great shape.

We just couldn’t pass this RV up.   So we bought an RV… and we’re gonna travel the country for a few months…. yeah… it just gets weirder and weirder…. more awesome!