I wasn’t thinking this through completely when I started naming days…. 

I’m gonna call this one The Day of Waves…. Catching Waves, Riding Waves, Making  Waves, Waves of Nausea and Waves of Euphoria. 

Catching waves is pretty damn obvious…. 

Okay, reader survey here: When one player is a FOOT taller than the other, shouldn’t the shorter player get to choose where they stand in the water?  

Brian kept luring me further and further out into the water (Shark Week is over, right?). It was fine as long as there were those big rolling waves that we could just ride along on…. But then the waves started breaking just as they got to us I kept getting the Sinus Cleansing Treatment! They just hit Brian mid-back.  Not fair. Though my sinuses are quite clear today…..

To explain the other waves….. 

Brian and I finally took major action on a new adventure we’ve been day dreaming about for a while……

See Posh there in the photo? She’s sitting outside our future front door!  

Yes, my friends, you heard me right…. We have suffered through our last Missouri winter. Me, Brian, Momma, Boo and a small heard of cats and cars are migrating to the warmer climes of Florida!  

Brian and I spent the last couple of days scoping out the area and checking out houses with our Florida Realtor friend, Mary. Yesterday we found a neighborhood and a builder that we just love…. 

Hello, Florida!  We’re home! 🌴💕🌴💕

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