If yesterday was the Day of Detours then today shall be called the Day of Minor Injuries & Inconveniences. 

After a crappy night of headaches and overzealous air conditioning the day actually started off pretty well. Brian went down and snagged me a banana and peanut butter before the breakfast bar closed. (See? I’m not so hard to please!) 

As we headed out to explore the area today we got an email from one of our contractors that they needed all this crap notarized and completed before they could get started… Of course, they knew we were going out of town… They even mentioned it in their damn email! Get your shit together people!!  Ugh… Thank goodness for the UPS store. We got everything printed, notarized and mailed back. 😉 And that’s how you get things done! 

Then we had an AWESOME lunch!  Oh, yum…. At the Floridian in St Augustine. It was well recommended through the Find Me Gluten Free app. The staff was super knowledgable, the menu was clearly marked and there were plenty of delicious options. 

Gluten Free Buttermilk Biscuits with Pork Belly and Goat Cheese

Shrimp & Gritts

Southern Belle Salad

Brian and I roamed around Old Saint Augustine for a while… I am pretty much in love with Saint Augustine. There are tons of cute little shops and restaurants and historic stuff. It reminded me a lot of New Orleans French Quarter, but cleaner… and safer feeling. 

Then Mom messaged me that a package from Disney had arrived. Oh yay!… Oh no! Those are our tickets for Disneyland in California….. We won’t be going home before we get to Disney. So… Brian spent an hour on hold listening to It’s a Small World over and over… and over…. Just for them to tell us to either have the tickets mailed back to them, or ship them to one of the hotels on our route. The Mouse was not pleased with us. Brian wasn’t so pleased with the Mouse either.  

Dinner was FABULOUS! We ate at Roy’s in Jacksonville. I’ve been to Roy’s in Hawaii a couple of times and it is just about the yummiest place on earth!  The food in Jacksonville was just as delicious, but the view wasn’t quite the same. (It’s hard to compete with Hawaii.) 

Brian and I both ordered the Butterfish. It was delicious!  There were plenty of Gluten Free options on the menu and everything was clearly marked. Our waitress was knowledgable and super sweet about us being GF (some people are bitchy… Sorry!  I don’t enjoy being sick!) 

We really should have split a dessert, but my taste buds remembered the Chocolate Lava Cake and fresh ice cream and I said I didn’t want to share…. My tummy says we need to learn to share!  (My clothes are beginning to agree 😣)

After dinner we went to the beach and walked in the surf…. I think Brian was just trying to get me to burn off some of the sugar so maybe I’d shut up and sleep tonight…. but he says he just wanted to walk for a bit. Whatever!  I’m not going to complain that my hubby takes me to fancy dinners and long walks on the beach. ❤️

Also, we’ve been getting calls from our internet provider since we left saying that there’s a problem on our line and they want us to do something or the other… and we keep saying that we cancelled your shitty service and were out of town so please quit calling us. Today they called, apologized for bugging us on our vacation… and then asked who we were…. Ummmmm?… They thought we were some company out of Oklahoma. I’m not sure how they got us mixed up, but I think we’ve been telling them to shut off these people Internet for the past week! 

On the list of injuries: 

I got sunburned, but just a little. 

I slammed my arm into the side mirror of a car… The mirror was fine. My arm is bruised. 

My shoes that I’ve been wearing for months and never had a problem, decided today that they should rub the skin off my toe on one foot and try to gnaw my heel off on the other foot. Don’t worry, I walked in the salt water and I’m sure both feet will be just fine. (Those shoes can spend the rest of the trip in the trunk) 

Hopefully tomorrow will behave itself. 

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