MTTS2016 – Day 2

It’s been one of those days. The Universe has just been messing with us all day.

We got a late start, which wasn’t a huge deal. We didn’t have a strict schedule for the day and sleeping in was nice. Of course we missed the continental breakfast… so I didn’t get my peanut butter and banana for breakfast.  Fine, fine… I had coffee. Lunch wasn’t that far away….

We’d been driving for about an hour and a half when the hotel called us…. The hotel we’d just left…. They had my glasses…. Would I like them back?  Yes! They were my brand new glasses!  The ones that actually fit and didn’t give me headaches. So we turned around to go get them. The hotel clerk made Brian show ID before they’d give home the glasses… Really?  Do a lot of people come in and randomly ask for glasses?  Glasses retrieved, we drove back the way we’d already been.

Lunch was late. I’d started eating random things I’d found in my purse… Coconut, cashews… gum…  Brian finally found a rest stop and we ate our packed lunch. I smuggled the cookies into the front seat in case of futures food related emergencies.

I’d been hoping to go to this really fancy restaurant in Jacksonville for dinner, but by this point we were so far behind schedule we wouldn’t be reaching Jacksonville until bedtime. I hunted around on the Find Me Gluten Free app and located a place that sounded promising. It was off the main highway, but the road ran reasonably parellel to the highway, so it wasn’t terribly out of the way. I was, again, starving as we finally pulled up to the restaurant. The restaurant in the middle of nowhere…… And it was CLOSED!  Seriously?! Nothing else in town either!

So we drove some more and found a Hardee’s…. but it looked really creepy…. sorta vacant/abandoned… We could see workers inside, but no one in the lot… We just had the feeling that the locals knew something we didn’t. Brian voted for Wendy’s. I was ready to resort to  cannibalism… but since that is generally frowned upon, I agreed to Wendy’s. It took three people to ring in my hamburger with NO BUN… People lost their freaking minds. I wanted to lean over the counter and just scream don’t put it on a damn bun!  Brian restrained me.

After dinner we discovered every detour and construction site between Georgia and Florida. Several u-turns and a few detours later we finally arrived at the hotel.

It’s been a looooong day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more agreeable. 

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