We’re on our way!  We’ve been plotting this trip since MTTS2014 ended and finally it’s here!  

Brian and I left late this morning… We’re going to pop on down to Florida for a couple of days and then meet up with the rest of the MINI Family in Atlanta, GA. Of course we’ll be blogging our adventures along the way. Check back for Gluten Free restaurant reviews, random Yoga poses and lots and lots of MINI photos!  

Gluten Free Dinner Review 

Jack Cawthon’s BBQ – Brian told me to find someplace for dinner near Nashville. He didn’t have anything special in mind, but I figured you can’t go wrong with BBQ in Nashville. Right?  My Find Me Gluten Free app had some pretty good reviews for Jack’s BBQ and it met all Brian’s criteria…. 1) Near hwy 24.  2) Served food. 

I ordered the St Louis Style Ribs … Have you ever noticed that STL Ribs never really taste good in the STL area? You’ve gotta go to another state to get good STL Ribs!  Anyway… They were delicious!! Brian got a plate of meat… Lots of meat!  I’m not even sure what all he got, but he shared a bite of the Tennessee Sausage with me… Mega yum! 

I didn’t ask about the meat being GF, the reviews said it was and usually BBQ is safe… And the guy behind the counter was wielding a big ass knife and I didn’t think he’d be super amused with me and my sissy system…. I DID ask the nice lady which sides would be safe and she told me to stay away from the mashed potatoes…. Really?! She said the green bean were safe… (And they were awesome!  Green beans with BACON!) and the Cinnamon Apples. I was a bit suspicious about the apples…. Mashed potatoes have flour, but not the apples?!  They looked really good. I ate one and I haven’t died yet… but we’ve got two more hours in the car today and I just didn’t want risk it anymore. Besides, I was stuffed!  We could have totally shared a plate and still been stuffed silly. 

We plan to stay in Chattanooga tonight and hopefully we can sneak through Atlanta tomorrow morning after rush hour…. I’m not holding my breath though… I’ve never driven through Atlanta without getting stuck in traffic. I don’t think it’s possible, but Brian is an optimist. 

Watch my Instagram for more photos! 

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