Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event

Mom and I went to the Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event in St Louis today.  I don’t think there were quite as many vendors as last year.  Though maybe, they were arranged differently?  I dunno, I swear I ate a lot more samples last year! It was still a fun event.

IMG_9675I got to meet a GF blogger that I follow.  Of course, when she started to introduce herself I said something stupid like, ‘Oh! I follow you!’ like a creepy stalker.  Sema of Eat Without Gluten is an adorable teen who blogs about growing up GF and posts delicious recipes.  It’s always interesting and weird to meet people that you follow online in real life.  You’re meeting them for the first time… but you already feel like you know so much about them.
Mom and I snacked our way around the room.  It’s so nice to be able to sample anything in the room without having to grill the staff and then still weigh whether its safe or not.  Everything was Gluten Free!

I tried Andrea’s Lemon Bars – available in Dierbergs, Schnucks & Hy-Vee.  I’ve had them before and love them.  Every time I see them at the store I think about buying them, but I know that I will eat the whole pan.  All – by – my -self.  I will not share.

I also came a cross Full Flavor Foods which offers soup mixes, gravies and stocks. According to their website they’re only available online…. and of course, on Amazon.  I was mostly interested in the Mushroom Soup Mix because it is hard to find a good GF Cream of Mushroom Soup and some of my old/favorite crockpot recipes call for a can of cream of something soup.  On Amazon they look to be about $5 a pouch… which seems a bit steep, but they did taste pretty good.  Its always nice to have another option.

There also seems to be a new GF restaurant in St Louis.  The menu looks tasty, so I’ll have to give it a try soon and report back to ya’ll!  It’s called  A² The Cafe.  “Protein rich, gourmet completely Gluten (GF) & Casein (CF) free options for all.”

My favorite discovery of the day was the Outrageous Baking Company.  I picked up a couple of loaves of their breads (Cranberry Orange Bread and Cinnamon Coffee Cake).  I’ve been craving French Toast lately and I plan to experiment with these… If I don’t eat them straight first!

There were other vendors there… yup…. ummm… BBQ sauce?  And UDI’s of course…. um… Yeah, I didn’t say this was going to be a comprehensive review.  If you wanted to hear about all the vendors you should have gone yourself… I did tell you about it.  I did. On Facebook… a couple of times.  See?  This is what you’re missing out on if you don’t follow mw on Facebook.  Go fix that right now.  🙂

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