Gluten Free Shopping

Mom and I were on our usual weekly shopping trip and we met a lady in the dog food isle. She was juggling a few bags in her arms and reading the labels.  I headed straight for the refrigerated case and proceeded to rifle though trying to find Boo’s favorite flavor of Fresh Pet.  Mom, being the friendlier of the two of us started chatting with the lady about dog food and which brand we (well, Boo) like.  Boo is, of course, Gluten Free too.  I’ve really noticed a change in her teeth since she went GF… not so much plaque build up… and she’s a Pomeranian… they are known for their terrible teeth.

We chatted with the lady for a bit about Gluten Free Living (poor gal just wanted to buy dog food and she ended up meeting two wandering GF Living Evangelists.).  I gave her my card with my contact info… (yeah, I have cards… I do teach yoga too though!) …. I meet a lot of people in the grocery store who ask about GF life.  Partly because Mom and I are chatty and we tend to be discussing new GF ingredients or recipes and people are just curious… and partly because Mom and I have been known to wander up to people in the GF isle and start chatting.  We meet a lot of interesting people.

It’s exciting when we meet another GF person who can share tips and recommendations. Many GF products are expensive… it’s nice to talk to someone who’s already tried a product or recipe and can share their experience.

We come across a lot of people who are just curious.. they’ve heard “Gluten Free,” but don’t know what it really means to live Gluten Free… it’s not a “diet” for weight loss… though that is a nice bonus… Its a lifestyle with so many health benefits, and unless you’ve really been reading up on it, you probably never would have guessed all the problems that gluten may have been causing you.

We chatted with the lady about GF foods and gave her the names of a few books and products and then we each went our separate ways.  Later, Mom and I were talking and I said that I wished I could give everyone a list of all my favorite products and books…. and Mom… having already started drinking her afternoon coffee (I got a Frappuccino, so I couldn’t slurp the caffeine and sugar or I’d get brain-freeze) said, “Why don’t you put something on that blog of yours.”


So, check out my Gluten Free Living Products & Resources page – a collection of my favorite products, websites and books.



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