Yoga on Vacation

I always have these great intentions when I leave on vacation.  I pack books to read and journals to write or sketch in (even though I don’t sketch… I’m not sure why I think I’d be able to do it on vacation…).  I fill my makeup bag with odd things from Birchboxes past.  Sometimes I get really wound up and pack my yoga mat.  Even when I don’t pack the mat I still have all sorts of good intentions of doing yoga in picturesque locations….

Yeah….. none of that ever happens.

For one thing… yoga in picturesque places is SCARY!  Oh, sure… the prettiest locations are always so high up.  And then there’s the wiiinnnnddd.  So windy!  I swear, every place I tried to take yoga pictures I got blown all over the place…. which is so not conducive to balancing poses!


So do I ever manage Yoga on vacation?

Yeah, sure… never how I imagined it.  No beautiful mountain tops or peaceful beaches… More often I find myself sneaking in a few quick poses in some Rest Area or gas station parking lot.

Favorite Road Trip Yoga Poses:

Forward Bends – good for the legs and back after sitting in an RV for days

Half-Moon Pose – wonderful for the hips

Tree Pose – ’cause Tree is just an awesome pose!  Its also calming and nice for the back and shoulders.  It’s nice to remind your body what good posture feels like.

Reclining Twists – heaven for backs, shoulders and necks

IMG_5664My yoga practice is never quite what I imagine it will be when I leave on vacation… Maybe one day I’ll try a Yoga Retreat…. but Yoga is always a part of my vacation.  I need it.

Not as picturesque as I’d hoped, but….. still good.

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