Starbucks Mind Control

I think I may be an awful person… or maybe Starbucks has just got me trained really well?!

Today I pull up to the Starbucks drive-up window and hold my phone out the car window to pay (with the Starbucks app).. and the perky little barista tells me that the guy in the car ahead of me paid for my drinks.

“Wait. What?!  No.”  Yeah… Super clever conversationalist, huh?  I my defense, it was 3:00 and I needed that coffee to be able to use complete sentences again.

So… This guy paid for Mom and my Coffee Frappuccinos with mini chocolate chips…. That was nice….. but… um… It’s after 3:00 so I get bonus stars with my Starbucks Rewards Card.

So maybe I was just completely thrown by someone being nice to me…

Or maybe it was that it was after 3:00 and I really needed caffeine and sugar.

Possibly it was just that I’d been talking about paying and I’d been playing with the app…. I’d just spent the wait in the drive up telling Mom how the new Starbucks rewards thing worked.

Or maybe it’s a math issue… Converting Stars to US dollars?!

Totally at a loss I took my Frappuccinos and drove away.

Mom: That was nice

Me: I didn’t get any Bonus Stars

Mom: you got free drinks…

Me: But no stars!

Mom: So, wait… You’d rather pay and get stars?

This is where I realize that the Starbucks mind control thing is totally working…

Me: No?  Right…? Yeah… No.

Mom: We’re you supposed to buy drinks for the car behind you?

Me: Well, F@&$

Thanks to the guy ahead of me… Apologies to the guy behind me…..

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