Stitch Fix #4

I recently posted my review of my third fix from Stitch Fix. I almost didn’t post it at all since I’d been so disappointed and just couldn’t get interested enough to write.  Then I received my fourth fix…. (Read about my awful 3rd fix and Stitch Fix’s great response.)

I almost kept the whole box!  I loved three of the five items and really liked a fourth… but only kinda liked the fifth item. At a certain point it is cheaper to keep the whole box…. If you keep everything you get a 25% and your $20 styling fee too. I finally brought Brian in to do the math and vote on his favorites. He was voting for the whole box!  I finally decided I just wasn’t going to ever wear one of the shirts… It was tight through my shoulders and I’d never end up wearing it… and by that point I’d talked myself out of the shirt that I just kinda liked.

This shirt got returned. In my last two Fixes I received shirts from the Skies Are Blue brand and I liked them, but they just didn’t fit through my shoulders. I asked my new stylist to send me a bigger size in this brand next time. It fit better through the chest, but it was still uncomfortable through my shoulders. 


This shirt went back too. I liked it. It was soft and the colors were pretty… I loved the little buttons at the elbow, but in the end I just didn’t love it enough to keep it. 


 I LOVED LOVED LOVED this dress!  It was exactly what I’d been looking for. You can’t see it really well in the photo… (Brian was fussing at me to hurry up… Flipping houses for a living means we don’t get a lot of days where I get to wear makeup or curl my hair. Since we were headed to IKEA I got to be pretty for the day… This was my best chance to be clean and in makeup for a while!) The dress has the cutest little pleats down the front that give it shape and narrow it in through the ribs and then let it flare back out over the hips. I hate belts and elastic waists. This is SO perfect!! And it has sleeves, but the material is really light so it shouldn’t be hot. 

 I also kept the purse. Like I need another purse! But I’ve been eying a similar purse at TJ Maxx for the past few weeks… When this one showed up in my box I just couldn’t resist! 


I almost talked myself out of this kimono top, but Brian pointed out that it would be great for our MINI Takes The States road trip this summer 1.) It coordinates well with the car (always important 🙄) and 2) it is lightweight so it shouldn’t be hot, but it should keep me from getting sunburnt in the convertible. 

I am so pleased that I decided to give Stitch Fix another try. I love my new stylist and I can’t wait for my next Fix!

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try please use my Referral Code!

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