To say that Winnie fell in love with this farm is an understatement. She was over the moon about this place. When she saw that we were loading up our luggage on the last day of our stay she didn’t want to get back in the car. At the next VRBO she kept trying to lead me back to the car… I think she was trying to convince me that we needed to go back to the New Hampshire VRBO farmhouse where we’d stayed for three days.

Honestly, it wouldn’t have taken much more convincing. This place gave me cravings for a little farm with a guest house that we could offer as a B&B so bad. New Hampshire is probably a bit further north than Winnie and I would, in reality, enjoy when the snows start to fall, but the house and farm were awfully close to one of my favorite daydreams.

The owners, Marc and Suzie were so sweet and welcoming. Marc met us the evening we arrived and showed us around the house and told us some of the history. (I’m pretty sure he just wanted to meet Winnie & Pooka… and who can blame him! He’s had corgis before and is addicted to them too.)

The guesthouse that we stayed in was built in 1775. It’s obviously been updated a bit. The stove and fancy indoor plumbing aren’t original, but the upgrades were integrated beautifully. The floors were all original hemlock and the ceiling beams were hand hewn.

Marc said that the main house was, at one time, a stop on the Underground Railroad.

It’s interesting, since we’ve started on this long road trip we’ve stayed at a number of places and Brian tries to pick someplace nice that we’ll feel safe and comfortable. (Obviously) Some places Winnie and Pooka sniff around and eventually settle into, others they just can’t seem to get comfortable at all, but this place they took to immediately. I don’t know if it was the warm greeting from the owner (a huge corgi fan) or something about the place itself, but they went straight in, sniffed everything and settled right down. Even the few fireworks that were popping that night didn’t upset them too much.

It wouldn’t take much more convincing from the girls to talk me into an old farm, filled with bees, maple trees, honeybees and chickens. Brian says we need to wait until we find our dream farm somewhere that it doesn’t snow quite so much. I supposed well just have to make do with another visit or two to Marc & Suzie’s farm for the time being.

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