It was another busy day of adventures for all of us today. After a lazy breakfast of pancakes and kibble we roamed around the VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) farm’s grounds. The girls are just so thrilled by the grass. Back home we have Saint Augustine grass, which is basically a scratchy weed. This stuff is lovely and lush and just loaded with clover. I haven’t tried it, but the girls swear the clover is absolutely delicious. They’d happily sit and munch on the clover all morning.

We were finally able to drag our cows corgis out of the clover and get them stuffed into the car. Winnie in her deluxe, corgi car seat and Pooka propped up on her assorted pillows. (There are no spoiled pups here… just semi well trained hoomans and their kind and benevolent rulers.)

Our New Hampshire friends had some chores that they had to take care of in the morning, so we headed over to Maine to scratch one more state off our must-visit list.

Nubble Lighthouse

It’s so pretty! We only had time to drive up to York Beach, but already we’re hooked on Maine. We’ll definitely be making a return visit in the future.

We drove up the coast and ooh’d and ahh’d at the houses and beaches. Then we found a lighthouse and an ice cream shop and our trip was complete! Not really, but we’d run out of time to explore, so we snapped a bunch of photos, enjoyed our Maine Blueberry ice cream and headed back to Portsmouth in New Hampshire to meet our friends.

I was ready to be disappointed by Portsmouth after our visit to Boston, but almost immediately we came across #dogfriendlyportsmouth stickers in shop windows, water bowls outside of shops and squeals of delight when we carried the girls inside.

We usually carry the girls in their K9 Sport Sacks when we know we’re going to be doing a lot of walking (because when Winnie’s had enough she puts on the corgi-breaks and there’s no moving her.) or if we’re going to be going in and out of shops. I just worry about them picking things up that they shouldn’t. They also really attract a crowd, so if they’re in their packs I can shift and put myself between the girls and their adoring fans when they’ve had enough.

After the four-millionth time that we stopped to let someone talk to the girls and pet their ears my friend asked if I ever got tired of all the attention. And I’ll admit, sometimes it’s exhausting and overwhelming. Sometimes I just want to walk and not have to talk to anyone…. but I also know that I am so lucky to have these two fluffs in my life and I can see the joy that they give to other people. I call them my happiness ambassadors. They leave a wake of smiles in their path. The world is full of so much unhappiness right now, if they can bring a little bit more joy to the world, who am I to complain about being slowed down while shopping. As long as the girls seem to enjoy the interactions I’m happy to tell their story while people scratch their ears and tell them how perfect they are.

We had dinner at The Thirsty Moose (yes, again… but it was at a different location this time.) Portsmouth had more restaurants with Gluten Free options and dog-friendly patios, but it was still a challenge to find both AND something I knew our friends would all like. Since I knew the Thirsty Moose checked all the boxes it was an easy choice.

Brian ordered the GF pizza and I got the Burganzola (mushroom & Gorgonzola burger) Since the fries and tots are cooked in a shared frier I opted for the side salad, but hold the salad. Yes, hold the salad, I said. I asked for just the cucumbers and ranch dressing this time. I wasn’t going to eat the lettuce anyway, so why waste it. I wasn’t expecting them to give me a WHOLE cucumber, but I didn’t complain either! It was a delicious side dipped in the ranch dressing.

After dinner the girls were exhausted and ready for their own dinner. We hugged our friends goodbye and headed back to the VRBO to get them settled and do laundry.

Tomorrow we pack up and head off to Vermont. I’m already sad to be leaving this amazing VRBO (I’ll do a whole post with photos of the place.). It’s been such a comfy retreat from all of our adventuring and the girls have really enjoyed the experience, but it’s time to press onward to new adventures.

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