We looked for Aliens in New Hampshire

Our plan was to drive from Florida to New Hampshire, have some adventures, meet up with friends and then join the MINI Takes the States rallye in Vermont and drive back to South Carolina with them and then on home. And we did most of that….

Played in the lake in Vermont
Shopped in Vermont
Sampled the cider at Citizen Cider
Met up with MINI Takes the States
Drove a lot of twisty back roads
Visited Hershey’s Chocolate World
Picnicked in some pretty places

We had a really good time on all of our adventures, but we’ve had a few really crappy experiences with a couple of VRBO’s. One canceled our reservation at six o’clock, claiming there had been a problem with their cleaning service, leaving us without a place to stay in a little, middle of nowhere town. Another place had a for sale sign in the front yard, had wet towels on the bathroom floor and an obviously slept in bed. We had to find a hotel that would accept pets at the last minute and Winnie and Pooka aren’t thrilled with all the noises of a hotel. The last place was clean, but just made Winnie uncomfortable . She would’t settle and was obviously upset. None of us slept well any of those nights.

We decided that we’d had lots of good adventures this trip, but didn’t want to push the girls (or ourselves) to the point that we weren’t having fun anymore. For me, the most important part of the trip was to have fun adventures with the girls. I think this trip has been long enough and we’re all tired and a little weirded out from the whole crappy VRBO experiences.

Brian and I agreed that it was better to quit while we’re ahead. We’ve got two days of driving to get back home, but we’re taking our time and letting the girls get out and stretch their paws a bit more. We’re ready to be home, but I don’t want us to get home and be exhausted.

We’re staying at another hotel since we’ve driven past the VRBO that we’d planned to stay at tonight. The girls are actually doing a lot better at this hotel, so maybe it’s been a good thing that we’ve been forced to use hotels. It would be easier to find hotels as long as they’d be comfortable in them.

It’s been an adventure, and now it’s time to go home.

Headed home!

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