False Eyelashes and Other Hurdles on the Road to Beauty

False eyelashes, could they be that hard? Really? They’re just little strips of lashes that get super-glued to your eyelid. How hard is that? In three easy steps you have amazing, supermodel eyelashes.

Apparently, if the wedding websites are to be believed, I simply must apply these lashes before I even consider taking a photograph. Well, our engagement photograph session is Saturday and I don’t want to ruin the photos with my own, plain, eyelashes… so I bought a set of the fake ones. So not to make any mistakes, I Googled, “false eyelashes + how to apply.” I watched the YouTube videos (they have everything) …. it looked pretty easy to me!

As it turns out, I have this terrible facial flaw that makes it extra hard to apply lashes…. I have a NOSE… and the blessed thing in right in the middle of my face and I can’t seem to get both hands and the adhesive smeared lash over my nose and still see what the heck I am doing! You see… you are supposed to keep one eye closed (the current victim) and the other open and stick this strip of lashes to your own lashes without gluing your eye shut. This turns out to be much harder than the YouTube Girl made it appear. At this moment, I hate that girl.

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