Showers of Affection

Stephanie & Brian
Stephanie & Brian

Saturday Aunt Rosie and Skye hosted an amazing shower for us.  The weather threatened to be rainy and nasty,  but it turned out wonderful!  Everything was decorated with roses and orchids, coconuts, palm leaves and bamboo.  Beautiful!  Check out our photos on Flickr (link on the right).

It was so nice getting to spend and afternoon with friends and family.  Rosie made tons of food and there were so many sweets!  Okay…. opening presents was kinda fun too!

Skye organized a game like the Newlywed Game.  My parents won!  Brian and I also got to choose our favorite decorated gift.  Skye won that one! She had a photo of Boo on a lifeguard stand and there was a Mini on the beach… how could we not choose that one?

~ S

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