Grain & Gluten Free Quesadilla

Today I had some time on my hands and wanted to try a recipe that I’d pinned forever ago…IMG_7924Low-Carb Quesadillas!  I am just in love with Up Late Anyway‘s low carb recipes… she takes ingredients that I’d never imagine using together and makes the most delicious Grain Free, Gluten Free, Low Carb Bites of Heaven!

I’ve made several of her recipes before and have even experimented around with a few of my own variations.  I mostly followed the instructions this time, with a minor variation on fillings, but this time I figured out what I’d been doing wrong the last couple of times that I was experimenting … I burned the cheese.  Not enough that you could really tell at first, but I’d crispied the cheese when I was melting it initially…. just not paying attention when I was microwaving it.  The rest of the ingredients just wouldn’t incorporate correctly after that.

The important things to pay attention to:

  1. Don’t fry the cheese!  Microwave for 45 – 60 seconds. Watch it!  After that do an additional 10-15 seconds and then check and stir.
  2. Weigh the cheese.  I bought a kitchen scale specifically for these recipes.  It makes a HUGE difference.
  3. Shred your own cheese.  The pre-shredded stuff has something on it to keep it from sticking together and this recipe is sensitive enough that it’ll mess it up.
  4. Don’t buy the low-fat cheese.  Fat is good.  And the low-fat stuff will mess up the recipe too.

Low Carb Quesadilla


1 1/4 cups shredded mozzarella (140 grams)
1 egg
2 tbsp coconut flour
1 tbsp heavy cream

Quesadilla Filling

1/2 cup cheddar cheese
1/2 cup seasoned ground turkey (I used Wildtree Taco Seasoning)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Melt cheese in microwave making sure to not overheat.

Add the cream and coconut flour to the cheese.  Stir until incorporated and then add the egg.  It takes some squishing around, but suddenly a beautiful, soft dough forms.  If you still see veins of mozzarella stick the whole thing back in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. It should all be a smooth even consistency.

Once everything is totally incorporated roll the dough between two sheets of parchment paper.

Bake for 10 minutes (until it’s brown) and remove from oven.  Next add your toppings to one side of the quesadilla… since you’ll be folding it in half after its done.  Return to oven to bake until the cheese is melty.

Remove from oven and fold in half.  I used a pizza cutter to slice the quesadilla in half.


Detox Day 3: Shaken

Day Three of the 10-Day Grain Detox Challenge:

I finally found one of the breakfast shakes in the Wheat Belly 10 Grain Detox book that I sorta, kinda like.  I wouldn’t call it yummy… but it’s not bad.

IMG_7902Brian couldn’t make it through the Mocha Coconut Shake on day one.  In retrospect, it might not have been so god-awful if we hadn’t used the raw potato and pumpkin seeds. (Sounds awesome, huh?)  You have the choice of raw potato or green banana to introduce prebiotics into your poor, grain abused tummy.  (Not the same thing as probiotics… we’re taking those in pills.) Since Brian isn’t a fan of bananas we made his shake with the potato… and it tasted like dirt… There’s just nothing nice to say about it.  It was a Dirt Shake.

I had the Tropical Storm shake on the first day.  I
used the green banana and the overall taste wasIMG_7904 much improved by the pineapple chunks.  On Day 2 & 3 we switched the pumpkin seeds for sunflower seeds and that really helped eliminate the grainy texture.

Day Two Brian got up early and grabbed breakfast before I could make him another tasty shake.  It was just eggs, so it was totally on the detox plan, but I was sad not to have a Shake Buddy.

Today is our 8 Year First-Date Anniversary, so I made us shakes in fancy glasses with pretty straws…. and forgot that despite the fact that I was on my third day of shakes (and I use IMG_7920Coconut Oil all the time) that this was only Brian’s first shake….. and that maybe 1/4 cup of coconut oil might cause him a bit of stomach discomfort…. Happy Anniversary!
I’m pretty sure he hates me now.
At any rate…. Day Three… we’ve made it this far… more or less (don’t ask Brian’s opinion on the whole thing right now).

We’ve gotten a strange Mid-February heat wave, so we’re making the most of it by grilling some steaks tonight.  Woo Hoo, Carnivores!



Back on the Wagon

While I have been Gluten Free since late 2012, I have only been Grain Free on again/off again.  I don’t get the immediate and awful reactions from the other grains like I do when I accidentally eat something with wheat/gluten. So it is easy to slide off the Grain Free wagon and not realize how far I’ve wandered…. until my stomach starts making complaints and my knees start plotting rebellions.  Strangely, its not my stomach or my knees or even the extra pounds that crept back that really made me start looking around for the wagon again…. I haven’t been sleeping well.  I just can’t seem to settle into a deep sleep.  I have trouble falling asleep and I can’t seem to stay asleep.  I really like sleep.  People around me really like for me to sleep… Partly because I stay awake and get into things and partly because I’m not the sweetest person to live with when I don’t sleep.  So for the sake of those around me and my own sanity… and my knees… and my stomach…. I’m going back to Grain & Gluten Free Living.

I’ve known that I need to get back with the program for a while, but I’ve kept putting it off.  Today I noticed that Dr. Davis the author of Wheat Belly  is hosting a Facebook Group 10-Day Grain Detox….. starting tomorrow.  I’m taking it as a sign.  No more putting it off or waiting for one more holiday/party/weekend…. time to start NOW.

I told Brian… he’s delighted.

Okay, I’m lying… he’s not delighted… but he’s supportive… and he remembers how much better he felt when we were Gluten AND Grain Free.

We didn’t do a “detox” the first time around.  We just stopped eating Wheat/Gluten and began eating a lot of whole, natural foods.  It took us a while to find all the naughty, “gluten free” replacements…. we felt better before we let all those fake foods back into our diet.  We’re actually going to do the Detox this time.  I need the support and nagging reminders that come from the support group.

Today I ran to the store and picked up a few extra ingredients for the recommended breakfast shakes.  Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, green bananas and Almond Milk… I already had everything else in the pantry.   Brian isn’t too ecstatic about the breakfast shakes, but hopefully he’ll like them more that he is expecting.  I’m just excited to get back to feeling good.  I’m also so happy to have Brian doing it with me.  Misery loves company… no no no… We’ll both feel better… and everything is easier with a partner.

I decided if we’re both going to be doing shakes then my poor little Oster Blender isn’t IMG_7894
going to survive ten (x2) breakfast shakes…. It’s time to upgrade!  I’ve been wanting to buy one of the Ninja Blenders for a while… this was finally a great excuse.  I stopped in at Target and grabbed the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Compact System.  I liked that it came with two to-go blender cups and the bigger Blend & Prep Bowl.  (I might be able to replace my old blender and food processor…. maybe not the food processor… it was Grandma’s….).  It was on sale at Target for $159 (-5% with my Red Card) but then Mom and I wandered over to Kohls and I found the same blender on sale for $149… and I had a 30% off code, so $104… and I got $20 Kohls Cash!   (I returned the first one to Target.)

Must have been a sign from the shopping gods… they want me to drink the shakes and get back to my healthy Grain Free Lifestyle.

I’ll be posting photos and updates on Instagram and Facebook over the next 10 days… follow along!

Grab a copy of Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox and join in!