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I’m trying to be more consistent with my blogging.  You know?  Be a “real” blogger and all.  So I’m thinking how do I like to connect with the blogs that I enjoy?IMG_6881  I subscribe to several that are delivered to my inbox, but I’ve just realized that I almost never read them from my email.  Most of the time I follow links from Facebook or even Instagram.

Hmmm….. I’ve got those… Actually I have personal and work Facebook pages, but not one for my blog. Okay… I can do that.

Instagram, check.

Twitter was a bit harder… I’ve got a Twitter account, but I don’t use it much.  I’ll admit… I don’t quite “get” Twitter.  Oh, I understand the concept, but I just don’t really care for the format.  I like Facebook…. I LOVE Instagram…. I adore WordPress…. Twitter?  I write a blog for heaven’s sake!  You want me to condense it down to 144 characters?  Yeah…. I’ve got Facebook doing my tweeting for me…. sorta check.  I’ll try to do better.

Here are a couple of different ways to keep up with me and my blog. So like me!  Follow me!  Tweet to me!







Photo Challenge: Be Thankful

I have been wanting to do a photo challenge for a while now, but it seems like I always think about it in the middle of the month and then I think… “I’ll start it on the first of the next month.”  And then I forget again.


Today is October 30th… Tomorrow is the last day of the month (and Halloween!  Eeep!).  So I have no excuse not to get started.  I even went out and created a personal Instagram account (I have one for work and I was just being lazy…)  so I can’t say “Oh, I don’t want to carry my big camera around.” I am never without my iPhone, so no excuse there either.

I have pinned enough Photo Challenges on Pinterest so I just had to pick one that I liked.  That was actually the hardest part.  Finally I just went with one that I liked the blog’s name: Positively Present.  (You should go look at her blog too…. really great ideas there.)  So that excuse is unusable too now.  I tweeked/add/changed a couple of the photos from her list, but mostly it is the same.  I cheated and moved a couple around just because I know I have plans that would make a couple really challenging.  Since this is the first photo challenge that I am doing I wanted to make it a bit easier for myself.


What’s a photo challenge and how do I participate?

For the next 30 days, I’m going to be taking photos of the items listed below — and I’d like you to too! There’s no real “challenge” to it; it’s mostly just a way to motivate us to focus on things that we’re thankful for. All you need is a camera, the list, and some imagination to participate.

Let’s Share! 

I will be posting my pictures on Instagram: Phoenix_Rize.  So follow me there and be sure to share your Instagram name with me too.  If you post your pics online, feel free to share the links in the comments section.

  • You don’t need to be a photographer to participate.
  •  Don’t let the word “challenge” scare you and prevent you from participating. It is just to “challenge” you to stay motivated.
  • You can take your photos anyway you want to — any kind of camera works.  And you don’t have to have an Instagram account… that’s just what I am using (this time… maybe I’ll try my big camera next time.)
  • Feel free to start the challenge at any time.  You don’t have to wait until the beginning of the month…. remember, I said that was a bad excuse?
  • If you post your pics online, feel free to share the links in the comments section. I can’t wait to see your photos so please share!

Thirty-Day Photo Challenge: Gratitude

Day 1: Self Portrait
Day 2: Family
Day 3: Happiness
Day 4: Leaves
Day 5: Morning Sky
Day 6: Books
Day 7: Something Funny
Day 8: Favorite Color
Day 9: Smile
Day 10: Nature
Day 11: Seasonal
Day 12: Hands
Day 13: Written Words
Day 14: Adventure
Day 15: Technology
Day 16: Animals
Day 17: Memories
Day 18: Daily Routine
Day 19: Best Friend
Day 20: Something Old
Day 21: Where You Sleep
Day 22: What You Wore
Day 23: Transportation
Day 24: Nighttime
Day 25: Artwork
Day 26: Something New
Day 27: In Your Closet
Day 28: Gratitude
Day 29: Light
Day 30: Self Portrait