A Hoarder’s Validation

IMG_6651This was exactly the kind of project that Brian hates…. a perfect Pinterest project… the kind that validates my hoarder tendencies.

When we renovated our kitchen I was having trouble “seeing” the cabinet that Brian and the designer liked.  They were showing me two sample doors… One in the style they had chosen and another in a different style, but in the color they liked.  I just couldn’t see it.  I’ll admit, that by this point in the renovation I was pretty maxed out… too many choices, too many decisions, and way too many months of work (We did most of the work ourselves.).  The designer took pity on me and ordered a sample door in the style and color that she and Brian had chosen.  (Wondering why I wasn’t making the choices?  Brian likes “modern” and I like “old”… like Victorian…. We’d agreed that he got to make the kitchen choices and I got to make the master bedroom/bathroom choices.  That was actually the designer’s idea!  We both like the other’s choices, but would never pick them out ourselves…. it worked for us at any rate.)

So here I had this sample door that I got to take home and drag around to compare to tile and paint chips and granite… and it ended up getting moved around for a month or two…. then it disappeared.  I came across it some time later in the basement and Brian tried to throw it away.  I wanted to keep it if for no other reason than it was pretty and wood and I figured I’d think of something to do with it someday.  So I hid it in my craft room until I came across an idea on Pinterest to paint cabinet doors with chalkboard paint.

Brian always gets annoyed with my Pinterest Projects because he says that you have to go out and buy twenty different things to make them because no one except for this one blogger has this stuff lying around their house.  Well… today, I am that blogger.  Ha!  I made this chalkboard door without having to buy anything (except an entirely new kitchen to get this sample door…). IMG_6654

I had the door and the ribbon in my craft room… the flower came off another project that was being cannibalized for something else, I already had the stand (I think it’s supposed to be a decorative plate stand?  I have no idea where that came from.) and the chalkboard paint was given to me.  Ha!  The only thing I didn’t have on hand was chalk…. but I’m pretty sure Mom has some… so it is still a perfect project!  I used things that I already had and turned them into something cute. I have no idea what we will write on it… I’d like to say we’ll write cute little love notes like on the blog where I saw the idea originally… but we’ll probably just write things like “Buy bacon” or other important messages…

Now I can use this project as an example of why I need to hang on to all the other weird odds and ends that I like to collect and stash in the basement.  Some husband is out there cursing me right now… and I have encouraged another aspiring hoarder/crafter….. *sigh*  🙂




Banana Pancakes


Brian and I almost always make a big lazy deal out of Sunday mornings.  Since I do the cooking most nights of the week, he does most of the cooking on the weekends.  Now that we’ve gone gluten-free he is having a fit trying to find something for Sunday Morning Breakfast in Bed…. you can’t just have cereal…. it’s Breakfast in Bed.  It has to be yummie and semi decidant.  We’ve tried the Gluten-free Bisquick… not bad… biscuits and pancakes are close to normal… There was a waffle mix that wasn’t too bad… but so far, everything was obviously just a replacement.  Until now…

There has been a recipe floating around on Pinterest for a Banana Pancake… the pictures looked great… but this is Pinterest… I’ve made a lot of recipes that turned out NOTHING like the photos.  The recipe calls for one banana and one egg… that’s it.  The bloggers promised amazing, delicious, pancakes…. uh huh.  Pancakes, huh?

What the hell?  I’ve spent a lot more on fancy gluten-free mixes… what’s one banana?

Holy cow!  Yum!  They look like pancakes, they taste like pancakes!  I was stunned.  I invited Mom over for lunch and fed her Banana Pancakes.  Mom was stunned!

I was expecting something that tasted like a banana in the shape of a pancake… this was a pancake that had a hint of banana… the banana wasn’t very prominent at all.  I added cinnamon to my recipe… because there are few things that can’t be improved by cinnamon… right?  They even crisped and puffed just like a regular pancake… something that I’ve found the gluten-free replacements don’t seem to do.  Mom figures she could probably sneak these by Dad without him knowing.  (Except that he reads my blog… so I’ve probably blown that now….. sry.)



  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Egg
  • 1/4 tsp. Cinnamon
  •  1 Tbsp Butter, for frying


Melt the butter on the griddle or pan.

Mash banana and add the egg.  Mix well.  I left mine a little bit lumpy.

Pour into hot pan.  Pancakes will start to puff around the edges when they are ready to flip.  Flip!

Serve with honey.


Makes 5 smallish pancakes – I’d call it one serving.