Food, Glorious Food

This morning I got to try crysanthymum juice. Little too sweet for my taste, but interesting none the less.

Brian seems to be having great fun with my coffee in the mornings. The coffee comes these kind of press pots… I’m not sure what you would really call it. It is a glass pot with gold feet and handle and the coffee grounds are in a filter inthe center of the pot. You make the coffee stronger by pressing the filter through the hot water. The fist morning I wasn’t sure what to do with the pot, it really took some pressure to shove the filter. Brian too over and loved figuring out how it worked. I had some really strong coffee that morning! I got ahold of the pot faster this morning. Three presses for perfect coffee.

There was some kind of fruit on the bar this morning. It had a red skin and white fruit inside with hundreds of little black crunchy seeds. I have no ideas what it was, but it was good.

We tried the mango jam and coconut jam on our crossonts. Ken, if I can figure out how to get a jar home I will bring you some mango jam. (I haven’t found too many great sources for souvineers yet. Hopefully when we go out to some of the other towns I can do some more shopping.)

We had dinner at the Happy Elephant on the Beach last night. I had a strawberry and coconut ice cream sundae for dessert … Yum! Shrimp with fried noodles for dinner.

We still haven’t been brave enough to try eating anything from the street venders. I was tempted by the banana pancakes, but fish?… Not so much. There are all these little carts on wheels welded to motor bikes. People drive around and serve food out of them. I see people eating eating out of them all the time and they don’t seem to be curling up and dying on the street….. But….

We are once again up too early. Nothing in Thailand seems to get started before ten at the earliest…. Noon more likley. Dinner seems to get going more around seven.

Brian is reading our horoscopes out of the Bangkok newspaper. Better get going!

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