There’s No Place Like Home

We are finally home.  The laundry  is done and all the various luggage and vacationing stuff has been packed away until the next adventure.  I am glad to be home.

We still have not readjusted to the time change.  I’m not even sure if we are still on Thailand time…. I think we are stuck somewhere in between.  Sometime around 3 – 4 am we are just awake. Can’t fall back asleep for anything.  I didn’t take any naps today so hopefully I can sleep through the night.

I am really missing the staff at Anatara.  Okay, I wouldn’t need the whole staff…. maybe just someone to do the laundry and bring me mango smoothies by the pool would be nice.  Oh!  And that guy who takes care of the plants and pulled weeds…. yeah… that would do it!

I will be happy to get back to my own massage therapists.  Massages on the beach were amazing, but I like my regular gals SO much better!  If you want an amazing massage… and you aren’t headed to Thailand anytime soon…. Mother Earth Naturals in Arnold.  See link!

Thailand photos are on Flickr now.  Flikr link on the right… click on Thailand Honeymoon once you are there. There are only 50ish photos on Flickr… we took over 1000!

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