It’s Alive!

Blogging our little paws off!
Blogging our little paws off!

Finally!  The actual Phoenix Rize page has been updated and is online.

Brian didn’t string me up by my toes… there were a few touchy moments there… I knew what I wanted our site to do and I knew it could be done.  I just didn’t know how!  Apparently, I am a bit impatient.  Hard to believe, huh?  Fortunately for our marriage ( and my toes!) Brian has far more patience than I do.  He figured out the how and now is up and running again.  Yay!

Our Flickr photos and the WordPress posts are all on the PhoenixRize page now.  One stop shopping!  New posts and photos will appear on PhoenixRize (just remember, if you bookmark the page you need to refresh when you go back to it).

Let me know if you have any problems with it or it starts behaving screwie.

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