Thai Calorie Conversion

So apparently the conversion rate for Thai calories to American calories is much higher than the conversion for money. Wouldn’t you think that I would have burned more calories walking ten miles a day in 90 degree heat than I ever could have consumed? That is certainly what I thought! Where else could these two stupid pounds have come from? The only possible answer is that Thai calories converted to a higher rate of American calories….right?

Oh well. On a completely different note (having nothing to do with calorie conversion) The Blue Owl in Kimmswick has opened a second store! Mary’s Sweet Shoppe opened next door to the original store in Kimmswick. They sell icecream and pies and other yummie treats. And the best part? The Sweet Shoppe is open until 8:00pm!!! So it would be possible for someone’s loving husband to, say… stop by on the way home from work….. Maybe bring his lovley young wife some chocolate covered strawberries? I’m just saying… that could happen! Not making any demands or trying to coerce anyone into anything… nope. Deffinatley not. Just mentioning the possibility.

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