A Few of My Favorite Things…

I’ve got that dippy song in my head… “These are a few of my favorite things…”  Thank you very much, Pandora.  Speaking of Pandora….

Pandora: Internet Radio – Love Pandora.  As with most internet things, Brian introduced me to Pandora.  It’s free, customizable,  streaming radio.  There is an app for the iPhone or you can use it from your computer.  I play it in the car, at work, at home, in yoga, on the treadmill… and I created a different station for each place.  The best/slightly creepy part about it…. Pandora learns what music you like!  You can either start with one of Pandora’s “stations” (ie, Christmas, 70’s, Pop & Rock…) or you can create you own by “seeding” it with your favorite songs or artists.  So, you tell it that you like Adele and Shawn Colvin and Pandora says “oh, you like moody songs by women artists,” and before log you’ve got Enya and Lady Antebellum playing…. you can click a button to say you do/don’t like a certain song or artist and Pandora will learn.  I’ve found a number of new artist that I’d probably never have come across on my own with out Pandora introducing me to them.  You can get the free version (free account and free app) which plays a few commercials…. not bad really, but I use mine during Yoga class and I don’t want Tide commercials breaking my student’s concentration, so I pay for the commercial free subscription… $30 a year.

Eos Lip Balm – I am a lip balm addict.  I’ve been through so many kinds and brands…. and have the half-empty containers all over the house to prove it.  While roaming through Target the other day, I discovered the EOS lip balm.  I almost didn’t buy it… it’s in a weird, round container, it was almost $3…. ehhn…. But then I noticed that it was 95% organic and 100% natural, no petroleum and no sun screen…. Ohhhh.  So I bought it.  And I LOVE it!   I’m not as annoyed by the shape as I thought I might be… actually I can usually locate it in my purse better than I could the others….it doesn’t fit in my jeans pockets right, but it works so well that I’m not having to constantly re-apply it, so it’s not such a big deal.

Soma Intimates – Brian and I were killing time in the mall a few months ago (silly, man) and I wandered into the Soma Intimates store.  Ohhh… lace and pretties…. I am always on the look out for a pretty and comfortable minimizer bra, (I also look for dragons and unicorns…. )  We had time to kill, so I let the lady measure me and she came back with a pile of different bras.  I fell in love with the second one.  The Susana Bra.  It was pretty! (Why do they figure that we voluptuous girls don’t rate pretty?)  It came in different colors, it was comfy, pretty… Yay!  By this time Brian had figured out that killing time in this particular store wasn’t the best idea… Of course, I’d joined their rewards club, so I started getting their emails!  Hehe.  They were running this awesome sale online; buy any one item and get the second item 50% off … and it was the more expensive item that was 50% off!  With free shipping!!  Eeep!  So I bought this beautiful black robe from their Cool Nights Collection .  I didn’t quite understand what I was getting when I ordered it.  It was floor length (on me.  On the model it was ankle length.) long sleeved…. lovely.  I thought the “cool nights” refered to cool winter nights… and this robe would keep me warm.  Nope!  The robe was made from this special material that was supposed to keep you cool at night….. think hot flash special.  It is a good thing I didn’t catch that when I was ordering, or I wouldn’t have gotten it.  I actually really like it… it is perfect for summer or cool nights…. but I switch to my fuzzy robe on cold nights.  The material is really soft and silky… it has a really nice weight to it, but it’s not smothering.  (Perfect gift for someone who gets hot at night.) I got a really pretty night gown from the collection later….so nice… soft, pretty, cool…. And one of my favorite parts about Soma… Their tops have built in support… for us voluptuous girls.  Well, I had to buy a second item so I could get the 50% off my robe and I didn’t want to spend a bunch… the Vanishing Edge Undies… panties are panties, right?  I love these too!  Best part?  They have this sticky edge that they call “stay-put silicone lining” around the leg openings… they NEVER ride up!  LOVE!!

Okay, those are my favorite things that I can think of at the moment…

– S

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