Hello, Yoga Kittens!

Well, here it is!  I’ve had this idea roaming around in my head for quite a while, but as you know….. my thoughts tend to meander and wander off on their own.  With the start of a new series of classes in Bonne Terre I had a great motivation to actually DO what I’ve been just been thinking about.

So a bit about the Bonne Terre Classes: Why am I teaching YOGA at an Airport?  My family has recently entered into an agreement with the City of Bonne Terre to re-open and manage the Bonne Terre Airport.  As a family we decided to incorporate the things we enjoy into the Airport’s operations.  “We’re not just a PLANE airport.”  Dad has his airplanes, I’m teaching Yoga, Mom likes to knit, so there will be a Knitting Circle…. Brian likes cars…. umm…. so far he’s out of luck, but he helps with all of the Events! If you know a car club that would like to do Coffee Clubs, send em our way!

Bonne Terre Airport Yoga Group –  Wednesday Evenings, 6:00pm – 7:00pm and Thursday Mornings, 10:00am – 11:00am – See the WEBSITE 

Yoga Kitten does Down Dog
Yoga Kitten does Down Dog

What you can expect to see here on the Blog:  

Pose of the Month – We’ll pick one new pose each month to focus on and I’ll provide you with great videos and articles from Yoga Journal.

Music – What we’re listening to in class.  Since I upgraded iPhones, my speakers don’t like the new phone and we can’t play the Pandora Radio in the Monday Class (Not a problem in the Bonne Terre Class!) so we’re listening to some of my favorite albums on the iPod.  I’ll list CD’s we’re listening to and try to provide you the links where you can purchase them.  This should also force me to change up the music too!

Homework – Yes, Charlotte was right, I’m going to give you Yoga Homework.  It’s not that bad!  It’ll be fun stuff!

Events –  Not only will I tell you about fun events I’ve discovered, but now you’ll have the links to the info too!

Places – Restaurants, stores, pretty places….

Thank you, Yoga Kittens!  I hope you enjoy!


You’ll notice on the right side of the page are the links to the Upcoming Events, My Favorite Places  (we talked about that already).  Clicking on My Blogroll and Other Pages will take you to non-yoga related blogs and posts of mine… You’ll find ramblings and recipes, parties and travel ideas…. Click around and enjoy!

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