Jane Jeffry Mysteries

As much as I love my Kindle, I still love wandering through used bookstores.

Mom and I found Jill Churchill’s Jane Jeffry mystery series at one of my favorite used book stores;  Books Galore in Festus, MO.   If you live in our area, be Jill Churchill Bookssure to stop in and check out their great collection of books.

After being snowed in last winter (before we got our Kindles), Mom and I made a trip to the book store and stocked up.  I flipped through a couple pages of these books and they sounded pretty good…. so we bought every one in the series.

I like fluffy mystery books.  Nothing too serious.  If I open a mystery and it stars a retired detective or  journalist it goes right back on the shelf.  I like the kind of mystery that the murder wasn’t a huge tragedy, you don’t really miss the victim and the murderer wasn’t very likable either.  Fluff.

The Jane Jeffry series is a pretty good, fluffy set of mysteries.  The characters aren’t as enjoyable as Donna Andrews’ Meg Langslow mysteries, but the main characters, Jane & Shelly are fun. They are also reasonably bright… I hate when the killer is so obvious and the main character is too dumb to figure it out.  I can’t quite figure out how old Jane and Shelly are supposed to be….  Given the age of their kids, I’d put them in their mid to late 30’s…  but they talk like old ladies.

If you are looking for a pleasant read that doesn’t tax your brain or emotions, this is a good series.  These are not available on the Kindle, so you will have to find them in print somewhere.  Don’t pay full price… they’re not that good, but if you find them at a bookstore or yard-sale grab ’em up!

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