Gluten Free: On The Go


One of the things I worried about before our trip was how we would manage to not starve eat gluten free the whole time. I’m not just gluten free because I think it’s a nice idea…. I get sick when I eat wheat. I DO NOT want to wander into something with wheat and be sick AND stuck in a car for 400 miles. (Brian wouldn’t want me to do that either!).

It has actually been much easier than I’d been expecting. Eating gluten free on the road also saves a bunch of money and calories too.

I bought a huge box of Cliff bars at Costco before we left. Brian has claimed all of the chocolate chip bars and says I have to eat the peanut butter crunch bars (guess who doesn’t like peanut butter?) Fine by me… I don’t like chocolate in my breakfast anyway. So, Cliff bars and coffee for breakfast. Easy peasy, and we don’t waste time or money in the mornings. Yay!

I’d been a bit more concerned about lunch since I wasn’t sure we’d have room for a cooler in the MINI, but we found one that fits just perfect behind the seats. (Remember, we’re in a Roadster… mini MINI!)


We’ve got water bottles and ice in the lower part and sliced cheese and turkey & ham in the curved top part. There’s a little mesh hanger in the top the keeps the meat and cheese out of the ice. It’s working really well.

At lunch time we stopped in a park and ate at the picnic tables.

I just roll up a piece of turkey in the cheese slice and that’s lunch. Add a few potato chips and a gluten free cookie… LUNCH!

We’re loving WOW Bakery’s gluten free cookies. The Snickerdoodle are my favorite. (Available at Target)

I’ve also packed a big bag of pistachios and some beef jerky (Costco’s Kirkland brand is gluten free…. Be careful with beef jerky, most of it has wheat.)

We’re also loving Real Lemon brand lemonade. All natural and sweetened with stevia. Very yummy and saves on calories when you get bored with water.

For dinner we still like to find a restaurant and try new things. Having saved money and calories on breakfast and lunch frees us up a bit more for dinner.

I do wish I’d packed some chocolate though… Maybe I can find some fudge in the next town…. Or an ice cream shop for dessert!

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