The time that we were given


Where to begin?  How to begin?  There are not even words to measure… to explain… and yet I feel compelled… in my own words… in my own way to honor and say goodbye.

On September 1st my Mother and Father-in-Law were involved in a car crash that took them from us.

There are not words to encompass the heartbreak and horror.  To lose them both…. to lose all the possibilities and promise that we had before us.

They were my In-Laws…. and I adored them…. and they made me crazy…. and they got on my nerves… and I loved them…. They were my husband’s parents…. and I cannot thank them enough for raising the man of my dreams.  I don’t know if I ever told them. I thought we had time.

I cannot tell them in words… not in this life, but I can honor them.  I can love the son they raised, my husband.  I can love their daughter, my Sister-in-Law.  I can remember to never let a day go by without being thankful…. or an opportunity to pass without exploration…. or let an “I love you” or “thank you” go unsaid.

They were in my life for such a short time, but they will live in my heart forever.  And I am ever so thankful for the time that we were given.

– S


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