Tea for Two

I love getting my Birchbox every month.  It’s just nice getting something fun in the mail… I wish people still wrote letters…. It seems silly to write a letter when you could txt or email faster, but….  Of course, Birchbox sends me makeup and other fun treats too.

Tea PigsLast month, along with some makeup and hair care treats, I got two samples of tea from Tea Pigs;  Liquorice & Mint and Dandelion.  I wasn’t at all impressed with Dandelion, but the Liquorice & Mint… OMG!  I’m not normally a fan of liquorice, but with the mint it was just perfect.  More than perfect…. I was hooked!

One of the perks of a Birchbox subscription is that you earn points each time you write a review of one of the items in your box. It’s possible to earn 50-70 points each month.  Ten points for each review and you earn a $10 credit for every 100 points.  You can save up your points and use them for anything in the Birchbox shop.

A box of Tea Pigs tea was only $10 in the Birchbox shop and I just so happened to have a $20 credit saved up… AND it was my Birchbox anniversary so they’d sent me a 25% off code…… and then the tea was OUT OF STOCK!!  I joined the waitlist and I tried to be patient.  I waited and waited WEEKS (maybe days….. but it was a LOT of days) and when I couldn’t take it anymore I headed to Tea Pigs to order direct (AND they offered a 20% off code for anyone that came from Birchbox… yay!).  And then I went a little berserk.   I was only going to order the Liquorice & Mint, but all the teas sounded so good.  Tea Pigs offers a two count sample pack of any of their teas ($2.50) ….. and I if I ordered over $50 I got free shipping…. and… well….. I went just a little berserk.  (Side note: If you’re looking for something cute to put in a gift basket, the samples come in these adorable little boxes!)

I ordered a mega pack of the Liquorice & Mint (it was cheeper that way… yeah… that’s it… cheeper) and a sample pack of each of the following teas.  Mom and I have been having a great time trying the new teas.  So far the Liquorice & Mint is still my favorite, but I would recommend any of the other other teas too.  I’ll add new reviews as we work our way through each tea.

chocolate flake tea – It was a nice, rich tea… there was a slight hint of Tea Pigschocolate flavor, though not nearly as much as I would have liked.

chilli chai – Yum!  A good chai tea flavor with a light taste of chilli.

rooibos crème caramel – I didn’t get any caramel taste.  The tea was very nice, but nothing special.

popcorn tea

spiced winter red tea – A nice hint of orange, cinnamon and cloves.

liquorice and mint – FAVORITE!

lemon and ginger

pure lemongrass tea

super fruit

If you’d like to try Birchbox, pleas use my referral code: https://www.birchbox.com/invite/phoenixrize

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