Slouchy Hat

Slouch Knit HatIt’s really hard to take a photo of the top of your own head.

I used about half of a skein of Universal Yarn’s Classic Shades – Campfire

Pattern: Treasure Slouch Hat

I really enjoyed this pattern.  I’ve been knitting scarves recently and I’d forgotten how quickly hats knit.  I was surprised when I looked down and was already on the decrease rounds.

The pattern is fairly simple. Mostly knit, pearl and yarn overs.  The one new stitch I hadn’t done before was the Slip-Slip-Knit (SSK).  Knitting has a great video to show you how to do this decrease.

Not a stitch exactly, but (k1, p1) in yo was also new to me.

When you get to the YO, K1, then don’t slip the stitch off of the needle and purl one in the same stitch where you knitted one, then pull both stitches off of the needle and onto the other.

Also:  (k1, p1) in double yo

The double yo (from the previous row) leaves 2 loops on the needle. When you get to them on the next row, knit into the first loop, pearl into the other one. You may have to hold the 2nd loop with your finger while you knit into the first one so the don’t both drop off. Purl the next stitch.

This is the stitch that makes the pretty twist that you see in the spaces.

I like this hat.  Its got enough of a slouch that I can be wearing a medium/low ponytail and still be able to pull this hat over it without having a weird lump in the back of my head.  The band is tight enough that it stays on while the body is loose enough that it doesn’t smash my hair.

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