I’m not a blogger, but I play one on the internet

me: I can’t find the paint brushes.

Brian: What are you painting?

me: I’m going to touch up the wall in our room.

Brian: I thought you were photographing the cinnamon rolls.

me: Yeah, but I had to take my Yoga bag downstairs so I wouldn’t forget it…. and I found the paint and remembered that I needed to touch up that wall.

Brian: Yoga isn’t until Monday and the cinnamon rolls are almost done….. (He’s very concerned about these cinnamon rolls)

me: Yes… but the Yoga bag was on the dining room table and I couldn’t get all the vacation photos laid out so I could frame them.

Brain: What does any of this have to do with the cinnamon rolls?!  (He’s very concerned about the cinnamon rolls.)


This is a pretty typical conversation in our house…. the little details change… like “Why is the iron on the dining room table?” and “What is the dog wearing now?” and “Why are all the cats hiding under the couch?”

Brian doesn’t really understand how my brain works.  He likes to start a project and finish by lunchtime.  I like to start ten projects and wander back and forth between them as inspiration waxes and wanes….. Which explains everything really.  The iron is still on because I was making t-shirts with funny little iron-on sayings for the dog and the cats, but I wanted to make sure that you could read them and then I wanted to take a picture and the dog wouldn’t smile and the cats were being unhelpful little asses….. Honestly, this all makes perfect sense to me.

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out what this blog is all about.  It started as a place for me to talk about the wedding (7 years ago) and then wandered back and forth between being a gluten free foodIMG_0936 blog and a travel blog.  Sometimes there’s little bits about yoga, maybe a craft project or two….

I guess I’m having an identity crisis….  Am I a blogger?  And if I am, what kind of blogger am I?

One of my favorite bloggers wrote a series of great posts about blogging and one of the points that really struck me was to write a mission statement.  What a great idea!  But I’m not sure what my mission is…. So I spent entirely too long reading my favorite bloggers’ About Pages which would of course lead to reading more of their posts and then clicking links and then several hours had disappeared and I wasn’t any closer to my own mission statement….. Do I want to be like my favorite Food Blogger? Or my favorite Lifestyle Blogger? No, wait! Maybe that Yoga Blog that I love so much…… And of course, there is always Jenny who I really identify with….

Well…. I love them all…. I want to be like all of them when I’m a Grown Up Blogger….. and I think to choose just one area to focus on and share stories about wouldn’t be honest… that’s not me.  I’m not a Food Blogger or Yoga Guru or Perfect Lifestyle/Hair and Make Up kinda girl….. I’m a bit of all of them.  I’m the girl with a bucket of purple paint under one arm and a Pomeranian in the other, with cats hiding under the couch and cinnamon rolls in the oven and travel photos scattered all over the dining room tables and yoga bags left in the doorways…. and well….. that’s just me.  Weird, chaotic and endlessly curious…. I think we’re got our mission statement there folks…..

Weird, Chaotic and Endlessly Curious…. the Phoenix Rize Blog.

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