Because the world needs more cat pics

I had to take my cat MoJo to the vet this week for a dental cleaning. Thank god we don’t have human kids, the fur-babies dental work costs plenty!  213fbb6a-14d0-48fb-8d6c-33593e6996c1

MoJo is an older cat and apparently I am a terrible parent…. he had his teeth cleaned a year and a half ago, but needed them done again.

We have started going to a new vet recently…. the sweetest vet…. As politely as possible she told me that I really should be brushing MoJo’s teeth every day…. and Mayhem’s and Boo’s…. and shit! she doesn’t know about the two outdoor cats yet.  So she really doesn’t know what an awful parent I am. I can’t even begin to imagine trying to wrangle all the fur-babies and get their teeth brushed every day.

See why I don’t have human children?  Somebody would be calling Child Services on me all the time. They’d be roaming around the backyard in their pajamas with their teeth not brushed… Brian would have to be the one to remember to feed them too… No, no… I’m better off with the four-legged kids… they’re more self reliant.  And they can’t tell their therapist stories about me…

“Or, maybe, I could just bring him in every year and you could clean his teeth?”

The vet sighed.  Maybe she has realized what an awful parent she’s dealing with… “Or you could bring him in every year and we can clean his teeth.”

Yay!  I’m a bad parent, but I’m supporting local business!


MoJo decided to sing the whole way to the vet’s office.  Opera. So, I was punished for being a crappy mom… When I dropped him off he’d let out a melodramatic wail every time the vet tech would say anything…

me: MoJo’s here for his dental

MoJo: OOOoooowwww!

Vet Tech: Hi there, MoJo

MoJo: OOOOhhhhhoooooooowwwwwwaaaaaa!

me: He’s the first one you’re gonna knock out, huh?

Vet Tech: (pained smile) We’re gonna get him in right away.  You should be able to pick him up around 3:30.

MoJo: UUuuuuuggggghhhoooww

Vet Tech: Maybe earlier…. We’ll call you. Keep your phone turned on.

a77ceef5-4475-46b2-8aa2-4128ff02a338I got a phone call at 12:00 that MoJo would be ready to go home at two.

Of course it had started to snow by the time I went to pick him up so he wailed pitifully and melodramatically all the way home through the snow.  So helpful.

Also, I discovered this thing called Dream Scope, which is a wonderful way to waste three hours and make really cool pictures of your cats.  Because the world needs more cool cat pictures.

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