Yoga In Real Life

I’m starting a new series on the blog: Yoga In Real Life.  The real stuff.  The imperfect stuff…. the honest and real side of my yoga experience.

One of my favorite yoga bloggers recently posted a video on Instagram that showed her falling out of a headstand.  She mentioned that she’d received a ton of comments on that post…. positive ones!

At first I thought, “Yeah, right!  I’d never post my yoga fails,” but then I realized that I almost never post any yoga photos.  Actually, I think I only post “Tree Pose.”  Duh!  It’s the pose where you stand up nice and tall and you suck in your tummy and turn your face up to the sky… thinning out any tummy bulge or face pudge….. and it makes you look tall!

I mean, I teach a yoga class… I can’t be posting photos where I’m falling over or not able to fully achieve the pose!   What?!  I can’t show that shit to students!

Then again… In class I’m always saying thing like “Its not the Destination, Its the Journey.”


So I convinced Mom and Hubby to come out into the fresh snow with me and start shooting yoga photos.  And ya know what?  It was awesome!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was COLD! and a bit rough on the ego (Do I always make that face in Warrior?  Should I be sucking in my tummy more?  But then I can’t breathe!). It was eye opening to see what I actually looked like in the poses… I didn’t realize that I was over extending my arm in a couple of poses…. Thanks to Mom for playing Stage Mom and yelling at me from the sidelines.  It’s also been fun for me and Hubby to experiment with camera settings and lighting… and lenses and aperture… f-stop..thingies…. He really likes all the technical bits of photography.  I’m more into composition and frame… but… that’s been educational too.  🙂

Yoga in Real Life


So I’m going to be sharing more photos like the ones above.  Me tumbling off of rocks and falling out of poses… hopefully less photos of me slipping in the snow and messing up my knee…. but you get the picture.

I’ll also be sharing yoga inspirations and aspirations (Hello Headstands!).

Maybe you’ll find inspiration… or just a good laugh…. but most of all, I want you to remember:  Yoga is a Journey… It’s not about touching our toes…. It’s what we learn on the way down.

I hope you’ll follow along and share your comments and thoughts… feel free to giggle or offer suggestions.

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