I Tried Third Love (and now I want to punch someone)

This is a follow up post to my original Third Love Review, so read that post first, okay?

First of all, you guys are awesome!  Thank you for using my referral code to try Third Love Bras.  A bunch of you used my link to check out Third Love and several of you purchased a bra. (I’d love to hear your experience!) I was pretty excited to receive the emails from Third Love thanking me for the referral and telling me that I had $15 to use. Cool….. I’d wanted to try one of the other styles.


I got five referral codes.  Yay!  Except that you can’t use more than one code per order, which would be okay…. but one bra isn’t enough to get free shipping (and you guys know how I feel about shipping), underwear doesn’t count and you have to spend $100 to use the code…..  By the time I’d clicked around on the site I’d also talked myself into a couple more bras in a few different colors.  I really should have just used the one code, ordered two bras and been done with the whole thing, but I was thinking 5 referrals seems like maybe they could at least let me combine two on an order…. maybe something?

Here’s what I sent:

I wrote a review of my Third Love experience on my blog and I have gotten 5 referral codes since that post. I’d like to order a couple more bras, but I can’t seem to combine the codes in my shopping cart. I don’t need 5 bras and the codes are only good for 60 days. Can you help me? https://phoenixrize.blog/2017/04/05/i-tried-third-love-bras/

I thought I’d send them a (private) message on Twitter because I’ve had good luck with reaching other customer service reps there before.  (April 21st)

Hmm…. maybe Facebook?  (April 22nd)

Or…. email? (April 25th)

Okay, now I’m getting ticked.  I finally started getting a few replies, but they were basically to just blow me off.

Twitter CS took five days to respond and basically said “Yep, doesn’t work. Bye.”        *sigh* Fine

Facebook CS took seven days and sent me this:

Hello there Stephanie. Thank you for sharing your experience with us on your blog! We are thrilled to hear you received 5 referral credits. Be advised that referral codes cannot be combined and that the subtotal of the order must be $100. You can read more about the policy here: https://help.thirdlove.com/hc/en-us/articles/229380368-How-does-Give-15-Get-15-work- If there is anything else we can do to further assist, don’t hesitate to write back.
I’m not sure if they didn’t expect me to read the policy, or if they hadn’t read it themselves.
Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 9.08.16 PM


Did you read that last line?  The one about “if you refer 5 friends and they all place orders with us, you will receive a code for 50% off one Standard Collection bra….. Yep. I hadn’t even realized that was possible.  Apparently they hadn’t either.

I asked repeatedly, Facebook and email (I’d given up on Twitter) how do I get the code for having referred 5 friends.  (The Facebook CS quit replying and I gave up on them because the Email CS was replying… slowly, but at least they responded.)

I asked if I was misunderstanding… maybe I didn’t have the right kind of referral? Or maybe I’d earned the code, but I had to do something special to get it. I was asked for the codes I’d received.  I sent them and also the link to the policy that Facebook CS had sent me.

Honestly I was just ticked at this point and hated to let it go.  A saner person might have just given up.

Eight days passed and apparently a manager was brought in at some point. Finally, on May 9th, Email CS sent me a code for 50% off one standard collection bra.  OMG!

FullSizeRender 8

It was absolutely NOT worth the time and aggravation that it took to receive this one bloody code.  Really, all I was hoping for when I sent the first message was maybe a Free Shipping code…. or a straight up “nope, sorry” but then they gave all the run around… and I do NOT like being ignored… especially when I’m trying to give you my damn money!

Code in hand, er… copied, I went to the Third Love site and tried to find the Standard Collection bras.  Ummm…. that’s not a category.  Can’t find anything that says Standard Collection.  Fine…. I put three bras that I liked in my cart and decided I’d order whichever one the code worked on…… and I got 50% off all three.

I still can’t figure out which one of us wasn’t understanding the whole thing.  Was I being unreasonable, or were they being dense?


So my final review of Third Love bras is this:

They are awesome bras (dammit).

If you are an easy size, forget it! Go to Victoria’s Secret and buy all the cute shit you can get your hands on.

If you are a busty, difficult to fit gal…. you’re gonna love Third Love…. but only if you don’t have any interaction with customer service.  Order the size you think you are and the next size up.  Return the one that doesn’t fit for a refund, not an exchange.  Now that you know what size you are with Third Love you can order whatever else you want.


So are you one of my five referrals?  How did it go for you?  Love? Hate…. somewhere in between?  Tell me!

I Tried Third Love Bras

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook you know that Facebook is sure that it knows what you need to see/read/do/buy better than you do. After being nagged by suggested posts for eons (possibly less, but it did seem like it was eons) I finally gave in and clicked. Yes, yes… Third Love has the bra for everyone. Uh, huh.

What really got my attention was the Try Before You Buy offer.

Try the bra for FREE for 30 days from when you place your order (you can even take the tags off!). Pay up-front for shipping.

If we don’t hear from you within 30 days of placing your order, we’ll know you love your new 24/7 bra and your card will be charged $68.

If you’d like to make a return, just contact us within 30 days of placing your order. Returns and exchanges are free.

If you choose to return within 30 days, your card will never be charged for the price of the bra.

That actually sounded like a pretty great idea… the solution to the problem of buying a bra online…. How will it fit and can I return/exchange it easily? Because, honestly, no two bras ever fit the same from brand to brand or style to style. Sure, just because you’re one size at Victoria’s Secret doesn’t mean the same size will fit you at Soma. I once bought three bras in the same day from both Soma and Victoria’s Secret… and they were all three different sizes! If Third Love would let me try them on and return/exchange them easily… awesome! Even better if I could try one for 30 days and see if it was really as amazing as they claimed.

I was also intrigued by their Fit Finder Quiz. That sounded a LOT better than being groped by a sales lady in the department store.

First you’re supposed to pick your breast shape from nine drawings. (I asked my husband to pick since I’m usually looking down at my chest…. he was nervous about this whole bra game… were these trick questions? Poor hubby.) Next you were asked if you had any fit issues with your usual bras. And then what size is your favorite bra and how old is it…. and what brand.

The Fit Finder said I should try the 24/7 Classic Full Coverage Bra.

Okay, some qualifying info here…. just so you know how my sizing might compare to yours. I’m five feet tall… so my shoulder spacing is shorter than your ‘average’ ladies.  (Shoulder to shoulder and from band to top of shoulder.) I generally wear a 34 D or DD, depending on the bra and brand. (Soma or Victoria’s Secret usually.) I tend to wear medium shirts & dresses.

Okay… back to Third Love. I figured what the hell and decided to give it a shot. I have a drawer full of bras that I hate… what’s one more?

I ordered the recommended 24/7 Classic Full Coverage Bra in a size 34 DD. Sixty-eight dollars seemed a bit pricy… but again… I’ve spent way more on the drawer full of bras that I don’t like…. what if this was ‘the one’? And I was supposed to be able to return/exchange it easy-peasy.

I loved the shoulder straps. The length was adjustable and the strap itself was wider and padded so that they didn’t dig into my shoulder. The band widened as it came around the ribs and up to the cup so there was no spillage at the sides and it didn’t rub under my arms. Everything tapered and widened nicely, not like those ‘granny’ bras that are just wide everywhere. It still felt pretty. And the material was so soft. Buttery soft. I LOVED the bra. Mostly. The band really stretched. I was on the tightest hooks and it was looser than it really should have been. (When you buy a bra it should be on the loosest or middle hooks so that as it stretches with wearing/time you can switch to the tighter hooks and get more life out of it.) I figured that I had time and I’d wear it for a bit and see if I still loved it or if I had any other issues that I’d want to address before trading it for a smaller band size. But…. and this is (somewhat) my fault for not reading the fine print well enough… the returnable-after-wearing bra was the basic 24/7 bra. Not the 24/7 Classic Full Coverage Bra that I’d bought. I think you can see how I missed that… and the ‘try and return’ thing was a big part of their advertising. I was pretty disappointed at that point. I’ve had the bra four months. I like it… but it is defiantly too loose. If you’re planning to order this particular bra I’d recommend ordering a size smaller on the band as it’s very stretchy.

Last month I decided to give Third Love another try after I got an email featuring their new Perfect Contour Plunge bra. This time I knew that I couldn’t wear it and return it, but I could try it on and return it. Easy-Peasy, right?

Well…. sorta. On February 26th I ordered the Perfect Contour Plunge and the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra. I ordered a 34E (which is the same as a DD) in both.

The band on the Plunge was much tighter and didn’t have much stretch to it. I liked it but is was squishing me too much. The band on the T-Shirt Bra was looser than the Plunge but not as loose as the Full Coverage had been. Ugh!

The Plunge does plunge nicely… and the cups are the same soft material as the other bras. The mesh at the top is a bit scratchy, but not horrible and the cups and mesh do seem to be angled magically to keep you stuffed into place comfortably without squishing.

The T-Shirt Bra was nice. The cups are made from the super soft material that I liked so much, but the straps were on the scratchier side. The band doesn’t come up as high under the arms as the Full Coverage Bra and the straps are wider out on my shoulders. It probably wouldn’t be a problem for an average sized person… I just have narrow shoulders.

Both of the new bras were pretty and mostly comfortable…. but both squished me more than I liked. I decided to return both and go up a cup size but keep the same band size.

I went through the return process on the website (easy-peasy) and printed my postage paid return label. Two days after receiving my bras I returned them at the UPS store.

And heard nothing…. no confirmation email… no changes to my account. Nothing. But I did get several emails asking how my return experience had been.

I emailed customer service, both through their website and responding to the customer experience email they sent me.  I emailed several times with no response.

Now, I shop online a lot. A lot. My favorite is probably Amazon, so I’m a bit spoiled by their customer service…. but I also know what is possible. And if Third Love wants to advertise their super easy exchanges they should be able to pull of something closer to Amazon’s customer service. At least the emails….. I’ve returned things to Amazon using their prepaid return label and had a confirmation email within a few hours. These bras aren’t cheap and I shouldn’t be left worrying if I’m going to be billed for something that has disappeared into the postal abyss. I’m just asking for an email. I’m even okay if they want to hold the exchange until they receive the bras and make sure that I didn’t tear them up.

It took 30 days from the time I order the first bras until I received the exchange. I only received a response from customer service after 18 days had passed since I’d mailed them back. Their response was basically “sorry, we’ve been busy.”

When I finally received the new bras they fit perfectaly and I do love them.

Would I order from Third Love again? Yeah…. probably. I DO like the bras, and now that I know what size they’re calling me it should be easier to order.

Would I recommend Third Love to a friend? Again… probably. Especially if they’re a difficult fit.

I would suggest that they not be in any kind of a hurry. And possibly to order a couple of different sizes and then just return the ones they didn’t want as opposed to exchanging them for a different size. That’s more expensive up front, but once refunded comes out to be the same cost… then again, if you’re not in any hurry… the return/exchange thing worked. Just really slow.

If you’ve decided you’d like to give Third Love a try, please use my (updated) referral code: https://share.thirdlove.com/x/AEL7Nm

We’ll both save $15 off our orders. (And I’ll try ordering another one of those 24/7 Classic Full Coverage Bras with a smaller band size.) I’d love to hear about your experience with Third Love too!

Mayhem is a huge fan of the Third Love boxes. (I only let her wear the bras that I planned to keep!)