Breakfast (again?) in Bangkok

I have no idea when I am. My phone won’t even update the time anymore. It is too confused. The clock in the airport says it is 6:55am. Could be true. How would I know?

My tummy is finally happy that I fed it something that it recognizes as ‘breakfast’… doughnuts. Even ordering that was a bit of a trick. First you have to buy a pre-paid card (but you don’t know how much anything will cost yet) then you wander around until you find something you want to eat. We found a Dunkin Donuts (Remember? I’m not being a brave traveler until I’ve gotten to sleep in a real bed.) Finally we convinced the lady of what we wanted (I found a picture to point to. Tina taught me that one. Point. You are stuck with whatever is in the photo, but at least you had some choice.) The Austrailian couple beside us seemed just as confused, so I’m not feeling too stupid. Once you have your food you can get a refund on your prepaid card. Now we have lots of pretty money. (This is Brian’s only chance to keep me out of the cash. It’s pretty, but I don’t even want to think about the conversions.)

Bangkok airport is pretty. Huge with lots of glass and paintings on the walls. Everyone has been good about pointing us in the right directions. So far it hasn’t been hard to navigate the airports. Everything is clearly marked in English.

Dad would have loved the landing in Bangkok. There is a camera mounted under the plane and we could watch the runway come up under us.

Our moms would have been climbing the walls of the plane. I’m going to have to take a ton of photos because I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance I could ever get either one of them on a plane for 17 hours.

Boarding for Koh Samui now! Last plane ride!

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