Getting through the night…

Little did i know that Ron’s wedding sermon would come back to us so soon. He asked what did Brian and I get for all the promises that we had made to one another …. We got each other. Someone to love and lean on. Someone to help us get through the night.

Our first night in Thailand I got a roaring headache. I used to get these headaches all the time from an accident I was in years ago. With yoga, massage and paying fanatical attention to what sets them off I haven’t had one in over a year. Well the plane ride gave me a bit of a krick in the neck and when we made it to the resort we laid down for a short nap that lasted ten hours. By the time we woke around midnight here I was starved, but feeling too naseaus to eat.

I think I gave Brian a scare. He kept trying to feed me ( we hadn’t eaten since Bangkok the morning before. When he told me that I cried). We ordered room service, but the smell made me sicker. Brian even gave up and started trying to feed me from the room’s stocked bar ($8 a candy bar). Bananas finally seemed a safe bet. After two little bananas I felt human again.

No longer in pain or naseaus, we watched the sun rise from our balcony. Hallmark perfect.

Ron was right (don’t tell him I said that) even though there was nothing Brian could do to make the pain go away just having him with me made the night bearable. And the sunrise all the more beautiful.

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