What is a vacation without food?

I adore the fresh fruit! Fruit doesn’t taste like this at home. At home they must be feeding us fake fruit. I swear I have eaten bananas at home, but they taste nothing like the things called bananas here. I’ve tried things today that look like strange little alien fruit…. Ra… Ummmm I forget what they were called, but they were yummy!

At breakfast I had a juice called padana leaf juice. Wierd. Smelled salty. Tasted kinda sweet, but light. Not a favorite, but still interesting.

Lunch (in a beachside cafe!) was delish! Shrimp with Thai noodles. And fresh mango juice to drink. So yummy! The view so pretty.

I want to try one new thing at each meal. I am feeling like a brave traveler again. (amazing what sleep and food will do!)

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