Death on Wheels

Let’s talk about traffic for just a moment. Or as I perfer to think of it: Death on Wheels. Or maybe: Road Kill Highway.

These people are insane! First of all the cars are all right hand drive. Which means not only are the drivers on the wrong side of the car, but the cars are on the wrong side of the road! Then there are the motor bikes or kamakazi bikes of death. Now the lanes are only about 3/4ths of a cars width wide to begin with and the motor bikes “share” the lane with the cars. By “share” I mean they drive where they damn well please and the cars can fend for themselves.

Yes, there are sidewalks. The motorbikes use them too. Pedestrians are just targets. Brian spent most of our walk shoving me to one side of the sidewalk or the other as I tried to stick my nose in every store.

Did you know that tourists can rent cars or bikes? Don’t worry Mom, there is no chance of us doing that. Just thought it was interesting to mention. We are not that brave. Zip-line through the jungle? Eat a fried grasshopper? SCUBA dive?
Sure! Drive through the streets of Thailand? NEVER!

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