Shopping in Fishermans Village

Shopping is something I am usually pretty good at. So far I’m not the super shopper. For one thing I think we went too early. (how do you like that Mom? I was awake and moving too early!)

Brian and I decided to hike down the road to forrage for food and water. (the mini-bar requires a down-payment of 1 kidney). On our way into the resort we saw a 7-11. I don’t remember it being as far away as it turned out to be. Dang thing must have moved over night! Anyway… Fishermans Village was not much further and we decided to venture on and shop and eat.

Thailand is one of those places that has a foot fettish. No wearing shoes in home or shops, no pointing with your toes or showing the bottoms of your feet. So everytime you go into a shop your shoes have to come off. Gets kind of annoying when each store is the size of a large closet and they are piled one next to the other. At least I was wearing flip-flops. Poor Bri had shoes that Velcro-ed. (He bought flip-flops while we were out).

Apparently barganing is supposed to be standard practice. I am crappy at barganing. To begin with I can’t divide by 34 in
my head! Second I feel like I am being rude by offering less. Just tell me how much the blasted thing is and I’ll give you the money. Or actually, Brian will give you the money because he CAN divide by 34 in his head.

I did finally end up with a pretty cute little black and white dress. 20$ I think. Maybe? Brian handed over the pretty Monopoly money and the girl gave me the dress.

We found our 7-11 then and hiked back to our room with our treasures. I think they may have moved the hotel while we were gone. It didn’t seem like it should be such a long walk!

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