Sparkle has competition

So we are talking to the guy in the scuba shop and he asks if we are on our honeymoon. When we said yes, he pointed to my hand and said that he saw the shiny new ring on my finger.



2 thoughts on “Sparkle has competition

  1. Surprise!!!!I don’t have any idea what I am doing but I’ll give it a try. It sounds like quite an adventure. With the change in time and distance traveled I can’t imagine even being on some normal anything. I can assure you when you return there will not be a deposit for the mini bar or whatever. That is as long as we stock it. I’m sure Lynn will keep us on track. Hope you continue to have a great time and find some more doughnuts!!!!!
    By the way, do they have the same sun??????
    By now you know who this is!!!!!


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