Massages on the beach

Yesterday was supposed to be a relaxing day. We don’t have that whole concept worked out real well yet. There was a lot more walking and roaming around than I would have thought qualified for “relaxing”.

We had a complementary trip to the resort’s spa with our stay so we took advantage of that yesterday. Their spa is amazing. We just got the neck and shoulder massages so we sat under one of the little pagadoas in the garden. Beautiful!

Afterward we hiked the other way up the beach (we went down the beach yesterday). The beach is really deserted. Everything is very quiet. (I have heard that tourisim is down 50% in Thailand.) We cut through one of the resorts to get back to the main road. It was the other resort that we had considered before we chose the Anatara, the Zazen. It is beautiful, but it is a super long way away from …. Well, anything. Our place is just as pretty and close to the Fishermans Village. We are slowly working our way up the beach trying different places for dinner. Normally I like places where I can try some Thai food (really simple stuff… No burning spices for my tummy, thank you very much!) and a fancy fruit smoothie. Tonight, though we went really simple … Pizza. We’ve already had some food ‘issues’ today and wern’t feeling like risking anymore.

Brian had some bad cow juice this morning (haven’t I warned you people about drinking that crap? Cows belong on grills, not in glasses… Ick!). Later on our City Tour we kept being promised food, but I never found anything I was willing to eat. Pizza was a huge treat!

Anyway, on to the massages…. We found this little place that looked good. It’s kind of odd… These girls yell down the beach at you…. A little like being propositioned! We both got an amazing one hour oil massage for less than $10 each. They chatter on in Thai, which is a little disconcerting at first (I mean, are they talking about me or something on tv!?) but pretty quickly I zoned out to the sound of the ocean and the yummy massage. Then all of the sudden I notice… That pressure feels strange… This little Thai gal is sitting in the middle of my back!! I look over at Brian and he has a girl sitting on her knees in the middle of his back too! He didn’t seem to fazed… then again, his girl was a bit smaller than mine! I am not going to reccomend this to my regular massage therapist at home. It was deffinatley interesting. I want to try one of the Aloe After Sun Massages before we head home. Aside from being sat on, which wasn’t actually bad, just more suprising, a massage on the beach was an amazing treat!

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