Baby Elephant Massage

Today we went on the Island City Tour. We have more sense than to try to drive anywhere ourselves so we had to go with a tour company if we want to see the other side of the island. (Have I mentioned the motor bikes? These people are crazy! 2,3 sometimes 4 people at a time on these dinky little bikes just flying down the highway. Children ride in front, babies in the middle and televisions or fish get strapped to the back. Yes, I am serious. I have photos).

At the tour company headquarters we got to watch a monkey show, feed baby elephants, ride big elephants and see an elephant show. All fun and interesting …. Then they ask for volnteers during the baby elephant show. Not me, nunh! Then Brian disapears… Yep. My husband ran off to join the elephant show… Not something I am proud to admit.

Now I think I was very good yesterday during the Thai massages. I wasn’t bothered by some other girl slathering my hubby down with oil. (Yes, normaly I am the jealous type…. Can’t help it). Thai massage: no big deal… Elephant Massage: bad, bad naughty elephant! Brian lost his t-shirt and then at the trainer’s direction to search Brian for bananas, that elephant ‘smooched’ him all over! Then it ‘gently’ stomped him with it’s foot. Elephant massage my tush! That elephant molested my Brian! (and I got the whole thing on video.)

After wipping Brian down with baby wipes we joined to rest of the group and headed off to see a mummified monk (he died while mediating and they just left him sitting upright. He is creepily well preserved), the Big Buddah (huge, gold, sparklie Buddah.. Need I say more!?), Grandmother and Grandfather rocks (which in no way seem grandparently to me… You will see the photos) and a big waterfall. We were also supposed to go to a ‘local market’ for food and shopping. I found neither food nor good shopping. Souvineers are looking pretty slim… We do have 500 or so photos though! (I did buy a bag of coconut caramels, a chewy candy they make right at the markets. Petty yummy. I will try to stay out of them until we get home so we can share).

I was pretty tired after all of our adventuring today and said to Brian that I wished we could find someplace quiet for dinner. Someplace where we could just sit and listen to a band play. The pizza place had a Thai guy who murdered a few Beatles and Elvis songs, but played the panio really well. When we came back to the resort there had been a wedding here and they were having a big dinner on the beach with live music. (And you guys complained about the drive to Hermann!) Brian and I sat out on the balcony and listened to the band play while I typed our latest adventures.

Tomorrow I am planning another one of those relaxing days again. I’ll see if we can get it right this time. No more ten mile hikes and such. Just sitting in beach chairs and playing in the water. (yes, we have both been in the water, Mothers. In the pool and the ocean!)

2 thoughts on “Baby Elephant Massage

  1. Hey Stef,
    You promised you would take care of my son!!! No more letting him drift off with elephants. Thanks for calling Brian. Love, MOM L


    1. Maybe the mistreatment of cats ten years ago finally caught up to Brian and the elephants carried out their revenge?


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